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Minden girl headed for Germany

Kurt Hildebrand

“If you wish to inflict a heartless and malignant punishment upon a young person, pledge him to keep a journal a year.”

Mark Twain

“Innocents Abroad”

Record-Courier intern Carson Costa got on an airplane for Fürstenwalde, Germany, on Wednesday to spend a year in Deutschland with the Rotary International Exchange Student Program.

She said she will spend the year with four different families, and attend the German equivalent of high school.

“Only without the credit,” the 2013 Douglas High graduate said.

She’s got a blog, and plans to send us regular updates, which we will publish as we get them.

She is the only Rotary District resident going to Germany.

Her blog is at http://carson ingermany.blogspot.com/

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In August 1989, when I first set foot in The Record-Courier, Sports Editor Dave Price was there to greet me.

Dave left The R-C in 1996 for the Nevada Appeal, not long after I did, and we worked together again until I returned to The R-C in 2004.

Nine years later, Dave is returning to cover sports in Gardnerville. He’s still working for the Lahontan Valley News in Fallon while making the transition back to Gardnerville, but we hope to have him back full time in Carson Valley for fall sports.

You can contact him at 782-5121, ext. 212.

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I got a call on Wednesday from a woman who said her house guest was told by a man near the Chichester ponds that there had been a mountain lion sighting there.

I contacted the town and they confirmed they’d received reports of a big cat of some sort, a mountain lion or bobcat, but that the callers couldn’t confirm what sort of tail the beast had.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility that a mountain lion might have snuck into Gardnerville. They’re pretty shy, and they don’t like loud noises.

The California Department of Fish and Game has a pretty good site dealing with mountain lions. You can find it at http://www.dfg.ca.gov/keepmewild/lion.html

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Former Douglas County commissioner candidate and political watchdog Stuart Posselt has moved to Concord, Calif. Stuart ran for office here in 2008, and was a regular R-C letter writer.

Kurt Hildebrand is editor of The Record-Courier. Reach him at khildebrand@recordcourier.com or 782-5121, ext. 215