Mill may make things again |

Mill may make things again

Dominating Carson Valley’s landscape for the last 106 years the former Minden Flour Mill is once more in the news 35 years since it was first placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Over the decades, the mill has been the symbol of Minden industry, at first as a manufacturer of flour from grain grown in Carson Valley, and then to produce feed for local livestock.

It operated into the late 1960s, and it wasn’t until the scales were pulled up in 1974 that its end as a granary was sealed.

There was a proposal in the late 1970s to convert the mill into a restaurant, accompanied by its placement on the National Register of Historic Places. But after 1981, the building inspired, but did not yield to efforts to improve downtown Minden.

Last week that may have changed with owner Christopher Bently’s plan to convert it into a distillery for craft bourbon, gin and other spirits.

The craft distillery law was just approved by the state of Nevada, in a drinking person’s version of the localvore movement. According to reports, Bently will be among the first in the state distilling craft liquor. That seems like a fine effort for a family on the cutting edge of modern technology.

Bently has the energy and resources to see the old mill once more turning grain into a product that can be provided to the rest of the world. We applaud the effort and hope to find even more things carrying the label, “Made in Minden.”