Merry Christmas, Carson Valley |

Merry Christmas, Carson Valley

This is the season of the year when our hearts and minds naturally turn to those who are near and dear to us, with an affection that apparently is greater than at any other period of the year.

It is a time when our love and sympathy for little children is enlarged; when we feel like we want to do something for every person, great or small, young and old; when our natural impulses are to bestow a gift on everyone and bring good cheer and happiness the whole world.

This is the Christmas spirit at work in our hearts. It is the subconscious love of the master of men, manifest in our wish to give to our friends and associates some token as an expression of our esteem and affection.

Love is indeed a most wonderful and powerful force. It binds us to home, to duty and to the principles of truth righteousness. It is the bond that holds society together.

Love is an innate part of every human and it manifests itself in many ways. In some it is smothered; in others developed into a fine flower that finds expression in their daily lives.

It exists always, but never is so full expressed as at the happy Christmas season. Then we call it the Christmas spirit, which is a synonym for kind words, good deeds and wholesome thoughts.

This spirit is tugging at the heartstrings of the people in this community today and everywhere is manifest. To our readers and to the people of Carson Valley we extend our wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year at the same time acknowledging our appreciation for the many favors so generously bestowed during the past year.

Bert Selkirk

Dec. 25, 1925