Median no surprise |

Median no surprise


I can’t believe the story about the “surprise median” that just “showed-up” overnight. We the county are your best friend, we are fighting for you. With us on your side everything will be sunshine and lollypops.

Come on, who are you trying to fool? There’s an election on, they are just trying to save their jobs. Everyone knew about the median, at least they should have known. Walmart or anyone else trying to build here, or anywhere for that matter, has to present a set of blueprints for the governing body (Douglas County building department) to approve.

The first page of prints is a page called the site plan, and on this plan is an illustration of the proposed building, the parking lot, everything that will be built and how it relates to the surrounding properties and roadways. It shows the driveways to and from the highway and, in particular, the surprise median. So now they want us to pay for the removal of said median, temporarily mind you. Only to pay again (according to previous articles) to reinstall it in the new year. Fools are we?

Matt Azevedo