Media attacking Wheeler unfairly |

Media attacking Wheeler unfairly


Assemblyman Jim Wheeler’s recent offhand remark to a part of his political electorate stirred up an undeserved firestorm. He could have chosen a less sensitive example, but obviously was searching for something extreme to make his point that he would continue to try to know and understand his constituency in order to best represent them. That the liberal Democrat-oriented media, including our own Record-Courier and certain politicians would misconstrue his intent and publicize his comment out of context is even more repugnant than the unlikely example he chose.

The constituency that elected him is obviously primarily a politically conservative community. They chose him over an undependable incumbent who too often deserted conservative values to stray into affinity with a majority of Democrats and liberal Republicans in the State Assembly, those who would increase taxation and hand state government more authority.

That Governor Sandoval and Senator Heller would so quickly join with the media in publicly denouncing Wheeler for his remarks should sound the alert to republicans who are trying to steer their Nevada party away from compromise with their democrat counterparts and back toward its long-standing America-first conservative core principles. Democrats and liberal republicans bring us bigger centralized government, more heavy-handed regulators, higher taxes, and deficit spending. Thank goodness conservatives years ago forced a constitutional requirement that Nevada, unlike California, must balance its budget. We need that at the national level, Senator Heller.

Our Republican Gov. Sandoval during his primary campaign falsely pretended to be as conservative as his competitor, incumbent Jim Gibbons, promising (not pledging) that he would not increase taxes and that he would clean up financial waste in the school system. A majority fell for it, but he promptly extended $600 million in taxes scheduled to sunset, he eagerly supported Obamacare by early announcing Nevada would set up an insurance exchange instead of not cooperating as many states have done, he adopted for Nevada a highly-disputable universal “common core curriculum” for K-12 education apparently in exchange for federal Dept. of Education money instead of streamlining Nevada education spending, and he supported issuing driving permits to illegal immigrants, perhaps because of his heritage. In these he was opposed by Assemblyman Wheeler. No wonder Sandoval was quick with his denunciation. We need a strong new conservative candidate for governor in next year’s primary.

As for Sen. Heller, his absence during the recent filibusters by U.S. senators Paul and Cruz was noted. No tea party-er is he. Dean is not liberal, he’s — well, maybe “establishment” would fit. He unforgivably supports amnesty and federal entitlements for perhaps 20 million illegal immigrants, but does nothing to stem the flow of jobs to foreign lands. He is absent in repealing the federal laws including free trade which cause well-paying manufacturing jobs to go off-shore. Unlike Jim Wheeler, he compromises to “get things done” rather than drawing a line in the sand as Wheeler and Tea Parties do. Small wonder Heller is quick to criticize Wheeler.

Jack Van Dien