Master plan road show |

Master plan road show

A half dozen public meetings during the course of 45 days are scheduled to discuss the Douglas County master plan and a proposed agreement with Park Holdings.

It seems fitting that the master plan road show starts in Topaz Ranch Estates where 1,044 acres of receiving area on the Sleeping Elephant Ranch would be removed under the development agreement.

Theoretically, that property could be developed up to 16,000 units under receiving area, which allows density up to 16 units per acre. However, neither the county nor the property owner believe the southern corner of the county will ever see even the basic utilities to serve a population of more than 30,000 people that would entail. In fact, it would be a stretch to try to get the 2,500 units proposed under the agreement built there.

The transfer of receiving area from Antelope to Carson valleys is one of the key hitches in the current effort to complete the master plan.

There might be some minor issues with the rest of the plan, which we feel could easily be ironed out, but trading 2,500 units in Carson Valley for the right of way of Muller Lane Parkway is a deal-breaker for many residents.

Certainly, that’s not the entirety of the agreement, but it’s the headline and one people are judging the entire process by.

Two years ago, Frank Godecke and J.B. Lekumberry sought receiving area as part of the master plan update and both were turned away. While we realize that the Park Holdings agreement merely moves receiving area from TRE to Carson Valley, it still seems like an unnecessary distraction.

Receiving area is half of the county’s growth management equation. It shows where development is expected and provides a place to transfer agricultural development rights.

We feel it’s ironic that the county’s growth management tools, designed to help preserve agricultural land, are being used to develop that land.

All to obtain a right of way the county has previously said it has to build a road the county hasn’t been able to afford.