Masks don’t have to hurt business |

Masks don’t have to hurt business

We’re not doctors, and we’re not the coronavirus cops, but we are a local business in a small town and operate under the same rules as every other business in Nevada.

And we are all in the same boat as far as the requirement to wear masks.

Last week the state cited two Douglas big box stores for not enforcing rules set forth in the governor’s directives. We know most Douglas residents didn’t vote for the governor and have chafed under the emergency orders.

We’ve already experienced one shutdown in this pandemic, and we’d just as soon not try another.

We understand the urge to protest those rules, but let’s not take our frustrations out on a poorly paid worker whose only crime was coming in to serve you.

Those folks who work in our restaurants and shops, regardless of size, are a resource we can’t afford to lose. They work hard, but they’re not the ones who decided you had to wear a mask, they’re just the ones stuck with enforcing the rule.

Casinos, bars, restaurants and many other businesses require licenses from the state to remain open. Don’t ask them to jeopardize their operations by accommodating you.

Even those businesses that don’t rely on the state for licensing are still subject to workplace safety rules.

Let’s remember that a business, whether a small shop or a huge conglomerate, is private property and behave as if you were a guest in someone’s home.

Keeping workers safe and avoiding exposing customers to the virus is good business.