Marijuana growers getting closer |

Marijuana growers getting closer

There was the possibility of an armed conflict in Fredericksburg Canyon last week, which was fortunately avoided when a trio of hunters decided that discretion was the better part of valor after stumbling upon a group of men who were clearly cultivating marijuana.

Neither the hunters nor Alpine County authorities could say for certain if the four men who were reaching for something when the hunters appeared were actually armed, but it seems likely under the circumstances.

Those men knew their grow operation had been exposed whatever the circumstances and were no longer at the site when Alpine County authorities raided it on Thursday morning.

Despite last week’s snowfall, there was still marijuana growing and drying at the site, and we can guarantee that they didn’t have water rights to the creek they were pumping for irrigation.

Alpine County Undersheriff Rob Levy believes the grow was operated by a Mexican drug cartel and we have no reason to doubt him.

The organization required to run up to two miles of plastic pipe from a pump to irrigate a large field smacks of industrial agriculture. This isn’t a couple of hippies growing for the use of their friends, it’s a full-scale operation designed to maximize profits.

We urge people who are out hunting, skiing, hiking, bicycling or just enjoying the great outdoors to remain aware of their surroundings. It’ll help to avoid not only a snake or a bear, but also dangers of the two-legged variety as well.