March 21, 2018 letters to the editor |

March 21, 2018 letters to the editor

Entering a snowy Genoa on Friday morning.
Kurt Hildebrand |

What about our wells? Editor:

I read that the construction of as many as 300 new apartments are pending approval along Pine Nut Road. I also read that we are sending as much as a million gallons of water from the Carson Valley to Carson City and Dayton each day. In approving these actions, what consideration is being given to existing residents who are on well water? If the water table drops, is the County going to pay to have our wells drilled deeper?

Gary Marshall


Were threats false flag operation


This is regarding the March 16 editorial “Standing up for freedom” and the steady stream of seminar letterwriters calling for gun control.

I think the threat against Douglas High School that prevented the student march was likely made by a leftie hoping that the pro-gun lobby would get the blame. This, after all, is the political movement that embraces violence – Occupy, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter – and physically obstructs the exercise of civil rights like free speech on college campuses that counters their world view. Second Amendment supporters have nothing to fear – and the general public has nothing to learn – from indoctrinated children who play hooky in the name of “doing something”.

Maybe it’s Trump Derangement Syndrome, but ever since the election the left has amped up the hostility. Our President apparently lives rent free in their heads, causing them to dispense with any semblance of restraint to smash back against all things Trump. Just yesterday a “reporter” with the left wing American Bridge knocked a female Interior Department staffer to the ground and went after Secretary Zinke. Democrat elected officials in California are shielding illegal alien felons from deportation, endangering their constituents as part of the “resist” movement against Trump.

The premise that gun violence can be reduced by restrictions on certain types of firearms and radical limits on legal gun ownership is a deliberate lie. As was pointed out in a previous letter, the US instituted a complete ten year ban on rifles with cosmetic military features and large capacity magazines that produced no discernible effects. Everywhere there’s gun control in America there are defenseless victims of violent crime.

Which of our taxpayer-funded teachers and administrators decided they had the moral authority to fill these gullible kids’ heads with dangerous falsehoods about the causes and prevention of mass shootings? What were indulgent parents thinking by giving their kids permission to join in this nonsense instead of insisting that the blame falls on the killer and the derelict public officials who ignored the warnings? What happens to the students who don’t buy the propaganda and don’t want to march? Will they be forced into participating by their teachers or peer pressure? Who will stand up for their freedom of speech? Where is the school board?

I’m waiting to see if any of these wing nuts publicly give their Trump tax cuts back to the government.

Lynn Muzzy


I love a parade

Our nation has a long history of military parades. Every military base has them.

Large cities, and small towns, have them several times a year.

We show pride for our military, and we wave our flag during sporting events. We often have military jets perform stadium fly overs.

One current military planner commented against the national Veterans Day parade by saying, “I’ll have to throw my training schedule our the window.”.

I suggest to him that a parade, is a big part of military training. Order for assigned military units must be written up. Troop movements must be planned. Rations, equipment, water, transportation, sanitation, and billeting, has to be planned for.

A troop movement to Washington D.C. is easier that a troop movement to DaNang, however it is good training, for all troops involved.

Our military is paid on a 24/7 basis. They do not get paid overtime, or holiday pay. The troops are paid the same for deployment, marching in a parade, or home station training.

Our active duty, and reserve troops, when not in a combat, are always training. That’s what they do.

Our troops march with a full 30-inch step. They do not goose step, and never have.

A U.S. citizen who does not experience a special feeling of “love of country” when they see the flag, hear the march music, and observe the marching troops, are missing out. I feel sorry for them.

They should read books about our nation’s military history. I suggest they talk to former soldiers.

Ask them what it was like? Old soldiers are easy to find in our community. Just read a base ball cap?

Just think of it, some say WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam.

President Trump is doing a great job. It’s too bad so many people fight against everything he says and does. If you do not like a public servant, at any level, get involved – vote.

President Harry Truman left office with some of the lowest approval numbers every. Twenty years later, his approval rating went up, making him one of our best presidents.

Turning an aircraft carrier, and draining a swamp, is hard work.

We have a President who is a strong, smart, senior citizen and tireless worker. Please stop it and start supporting him.

Marvin Christy