March 2 Letters to the Editor |

March 2 Letters to the Editor

Against Corley Ranch Project


I remember listening to the radio when Paul Harvey (I believe that was his name) would report on an incident, etc. and then say, “Now for the rest of the story”….

At the board of commissioners meeting Thursday two proposals will be presented by Mark Neuffer, Alta Consulting, LTD. on behalf of property owner Jon Corley, Corley Ranches, LLC.

Item 1 (Development Application DA 14-079) is an amendment to the Master Plan of the Ruhenstroth Community Plan to change the land use designation from Agricultural to Receiving Area and to amend the text of the Ruhenstroth Community Plan to create a “transition area” that would allow a diversity of residential density and non-residential development. Unfortunately, the above Item 1 would be applied to all land within the Ruhenstroth community, that includes approximately 250 property/home owners in the large Ruhenstroth neighborhood and means they would lose the requirement of one acre minimum per home.

I note that this specific plan states they would only put 250 homes as well as commercial buildings on that portion of land, but we remember that master plan amendments cannot be conditioned. Therefore the plan being proposed would not necessarily be what is eventually built on the 130 acres, and there could be up to and over 2,000 homes on the 130 acres in question. This has happened before in the Valley.

Yes, the Gardnerville Water Co. has stated they will be able to provide the water for this development, but I heard Mark Gonzales, Gardnerville Water Company Manager & Engineer say they would need to build a 3 million gallon water tank on BLM land near the existing power plant set up located off Pinto Circle. For visual: the two water tanks near Walmart, one is 1 million gallons and the other is 2 million gallons.

The planning commission at their August 2015 meeting, after reviewing the Master Plan, the ripple effect of the proposal, voted on a: Motion by Pross/Beattie to deny the Specific Plan based on the inability to make the required Findings specifically Finding A. Also it does not meet Finding B as it will not further the purposes stated for the Ruhenstroth Zoning District particularly Ruhenstroth Goal 1 to Preserve the Existing Residential Character of the Ruhenstroth Community and the Ruhenstroth Community Plan Key Issues and will not retain the residents with a requirement to continue large lot residential development with no new commercial development and with the discuss included:

The roll call vote was six aye. The seventh member of the board, Chairman Godecke, at the beginning of the meeting disclosed for the record that he will be pursuing a receiving area designation on property that is owned by himself and his siblings at the next year’s Master Plan update. He stated he will be recusing himself. At that time he left the room.

I believe the above is, “Now for the rest of the story.”

Mary Jane Harding


For Corley Ranch project


In reference to the Feb. 24 article concerning the Corley Ranch project, I would like to make clear a few important additions, and corrections.

One important item missing here is the fact that this project will be a much needed 55 or older active adult community. When I was looking at relocating to this area for my job, I saw numerous advertisements stating, “Best place to retire.” I would have to agree with this, as this is a beautiful valley to live, except for the fact that there are no great retirement communities like the one being proposed here.

You stated, “the 35 acres along Highway 395 where the main ranch house is located would remain.” This is incorrect, in fact the original ranch where the main house is located, and the pumpkin patch, which hosts the Harvest Festival every year is 158 acres. This will remain as it is. In addition the project will donate an additional 37 acres to the conservation easement, for a total of 162 acres provided to the county over the past 18 years.

I would also like to add to the statement, “the site is adjacent to Washoe Tribe land where a casino is being built”. Not only is a casino being built, but a truck stop and smoke shop are open for business. A hotel is planned to be built to the south of the truck stop.

In short, this project is a much needed addition to this great community we live in, that is ever changing and growing.

Jeff MacDonnell


Walsh for commission


I’ve had an above average interest in local politics during my 17-years as a resident of Douglas County. I’ve attended numerous board of county commissioners and planning commission meetings, and a like number of public input meetings. And in all this time, I have seen many county commissioners and their appointees come and go for various reasons, some dicey and a few as victims of term limits.

The latter will cause Commissioner Johnson to step down this year, leaving the District 3 seat open. Fortunately, there’s a very well qualified replacement in the wings, and I’m happy to say that I believe Larry Walsh will do a great job filling that seat.

I’ve known Larry for at least 10 of those 17 years as a fellow member of a small group of individuals who keep a sharp eye on local government activities and often provide well thought-out comments during commission meetings. Larry has been one of those individuals, and it has been with his insight and experience as a former planning commissioner that those comments have at times made a difference in protecting our Master Plan from special interests.

As a fiscal conservative with the financial training and years of experience to know if and when the county budget might be leaving the tracks, Larry will apply the brakes before it’s too late. Because he knows that good roads are essential to attracting businesses to our industrial parks and preventing vehicle accidents, he served on a task force to find ways for improvement. As a veteran, he is a founding member of WAVE – Welcome All Vets Everywhere.

As a 25-year resident of Douglas County, he and his family are firmly founded in the ideals and culture of Nevada, and I feel confident that he will do his best to preserve those ideals and culture as a County Commissioner.

Bob Ballou


Not impressed with caucus


Thank you for printing Mr. McCann’s Guest Opinion. I don’t have the rich depth of life experience that Mr. McCann does, and I am not nearly as eloquent as he is, but my view and experience with my caucusing Feb. 20 is similar to what he described.

We, too, had a “temporary precinct chairperson” who came across like a Mack truck downhill with no breaks. She strongly discouraged a volunteer from doing a job, which had to be put to a vote because this blessed Shannon refused to back down when suggested she be the “secretary” instead. I couldn’t have been prouder of a fellow Democrat. And Shannon did a great job, too. I wish I had gotten her contact information.

There were creepy things that happened, like a huge number of folks who moved from their “candidate tables” at the last minute, just before counting heads. Too strange. They moved en masse from the Bernie side to the Hillary side at the last second and wouldn’t meet anyone’s eyes. Creepy. And I can’t even fathom that motivation. This was my second NV Dem caucus, and I came away disillusioned and feeling like the whole thing was dirty. And not to mention they aren’t required to show ID’s. I asked the lady who signed me in if she wanted to see my ID, and she said no. I said, “Well, you should.” She stood up straight and said: “Well, I disagree! and I would be happy to talk to you about that“ I said we would have that discussion at another time. Put that together with the Las Vegas report of insufficient volunteers who allowed caucus-goers to flood into the room to begin caucusing without being registered. Let alone ID’d.

Karen Durso