Many thanks for another successful melodrama |

Many thanks for another successful melodrama

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Thanks to everyone involved, this year’s Melodrama was a huge success. We especially want to thank the cast, crew, all volunteers who participated and you, the audiences, who enjoyed the fun. Special thanks go to Tahoe-Douglas Elks Lodge No. 2670 for donating and serving the Sunday hot dog lunch. Douglas County Historical Society also thanks 50-50 raffle winners Mary Kuckenmeister and Sylvia Lemons for donating their winnings back to the museum. All monies donated to DCHS are 100 percent tax deductible and go to keep our doors open. The Douglas County Historical Society receives only occasional financial assistance from our County and State governments. We are here solely to preserve the history of this wonderful Valley and to make sure you have the opportunity to enjoy it. If you have any questions about anything mentioned here, please call the Douglas County Historical Society at 782-2555 or visit our website at

Now for those who asked, here is Willy Ketchum’s Poem:

Ya’v ast me how I did it. Let me give it to ya straight:

I’ll tell ya how I caught him. I won’t exaggerate.

One hundred head of cattle comin’ down ol’ County Road.

Headin’ off to Placerville and the famous Mother Lode.

Behind ’em comes this villain. Jack Rustle is his name.

There’s lotsa crooks in Minden but none can match his fame.

Jack takes cows where e’er he finds ’em. Rustlin’ is his game.

This herd’s got one hundred brands. No two are quite the same.

Now, these cows are doing dandy, movin’ out as if they knowed

Jest where it wuz they’s goin’, headed down ol’ County Road.

Until they come up on it; the Minden Round-a-bout.

When Jack made his plans fer rustlin’, he fergot and left it out.

Them cows paid no attention to a sign that ordered “Yield.”

They went right through then headed left. With that their fate was sealed.

Left they went then left again, and left again once more,

‘Til the lead cows met the drag cows an’ weren’t the leaders like before.

One hundred head of cattle in the Minden Round-a-bout,

An’ Jack, though he wuz trying, he couldn’t get them to come out!

His troubles they were mountin’. There wuz cow plop on the street.

Cattle when they’re driven are anything but neat.

That’s where I come up on ‘im. He quickly lost the race.

He tried to run. The street wuz slick. He jest sprinted there in place.

An’ so I caught Jack Rustle, on the western edge of town.

Always count on Willy Ketchum when e’er the chips are down!

Ken Gardner

All rights reserved.