Making the case for Reno |

Making the case for Reno

We echo the relief many Carson Valley residents have expressed in the wake of the announcement that an arrest has been made in the deaths of two Gardnerville Ranchos women shot in their homes.

Three weeks ago today, Connie Koontz was found dead by her elderly mother.

It is only a stroke of luck that the older woman, who was living in the James Road home with Koontz, wasn’t found and killed by the intruder, apparently for a few hundred dollars worth of jewelry.

Not three days later, Sophia Renken was found dead in her Dresslerville Road home.

Just under a week later, the announcement that Carson City authorities had arrested El Salvadoran Wilber Martinez Guzman after a whirlwind investigation prompted a collective sigh of relief.

On Monday we learned that prosecutors plan to try Martinez Guzman in Reno, where the murders of Gerald (Jerry) and Sharon David occurred.

It’s possible Martinez Guzman’s attorneys will challenge that decision. We think juries in Minden are as fair as any in the country, but we can’t imagine why someone would chose to bring a case that’s already had national media attention to a small town.

And it appears that most of the activity related to this crime occurred in Reno, so it makes sense to try Martinez Guzman there instead of here.

Our neighbors to the north, both in Carson and Reno, deserve our gratitude in delivering justice for Koontz and Renken.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to members of Douglas County’s law enforcement community for their hard work during these trying weeks.