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Make a difference in Douglas County

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With tomorrow being National Make a Difference Day, we have an opportunity to look around our community to see where we can offer the gift of ourselves to benefit another. Even as little as an hour a week can make a difference. But, you say, I simply don’t have any extra time to give. Donations of products are another way to help your neighbors. Items such as food, paper products or office supplies would benefit most any organization providing services in our area. Contact the agency to see what they may need so your donation matches their needs.

One of the best ways to make your volunteering even more enjoyable is to choose something that you are interested in. Perhaps you enjoy working with children. The schools are an obvious choice and would welcome your time, but you could also provide supplies for both daily use as well as special projects they may have. You can contact the school closest to where you live or work for ideas. In addition to schools, we have the Boys and Girls Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, community recreation programs, musical, dance….the list goes on.

But, you ask, what if I really enjoy animals. Contact our animal shelter on Pinenut Road (782-9061) to see how you can help. They are always looking for dog walkers as well as food and supplies to care for the pets looking for a new home. There are also several rescue organizations that provide foster homes to animals when they are in transition from a bad situation and waiting on a new family. Our local Douglas Animal Welfare Group can be reached at 267-7325.

If you are more interested in outdoor activities, contact the Carson Valley Trails Association at 722-8784 to offer your help. Do you prefer the quiet of being inside? The Douglas County Public Library would welcome your help. Their phone number is 782-9841.

You say you’d like something a little more exciting or challenging. What about the local volunteer fire department? The food closet is always in need of donations to help those in our area. They will even accept items from your garden if you have a surplus you’d like to share.

These are just a few ideas for ways to volunteer in our area. Do you have a special interest that isn’t listed here? The Active Volunteers in Douglas (County) is a one-stop shop for matching volunteers to the various organizations looking for help. They can be reached at 782-9931, Sgt. Jim Halsey, Public Information Officer, is their point of contact. His number is 782-9931, or their website is

Why stop at just one day? Make volunteering something that you continue throughout the year. Helping others brings a smile to your face as well as your heart and the benefits spread like wildfire: a win-win for everyone.

Have a Ramblin good week.