Mail for Heroes sends letter of support |

Mail for Heroes sends letter of support

Gail Davis

We have had a wonderful response so far for the Holiday Mail for Heroes program. It is a partnership between Pitney Bowes and the American Red Cross to allow people to send wishes of support and compassion to those who are serving in the military, those who served previously, and those family and friends who provide the foundation on the home front that help the service member focus on their mission. Pitney Bowes opens up a post office box on Nov. 2 and has staff retrieve the cards received. They sort them and ship them to the various Red Cross chapters around the world so that they can be hand delivered to the heroes among us in mid-December.

Steven Hennefer is a Life Scout with Boy Scout Troop 411 and in the eighth grade at Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School. He is looking to collect as many cards as he possibly can and that means he is going to need our help. Steven would like to know of any businesses in the area that want to partner with him to get as many cards signed as possible in the next couple of weeks. He will bring the cards and supplies to your business and then pick them up when they are complete. Contact him directly at (775) 790-0070. This is a great way to give something back to our troops as well as bring the community together for a common goal. Isn’t that what this season is all about?

Are there any teachers who would like to have their students make cards? What a fun project for the children and you never know who the next budding artist is until they are given an opportunity to do something from their heart. What about local churches or service organizations? Would you be interested in participating in the project this year? 

Steven and I are eager to bring cards and supplies to you for your members, students, or customers to sign. We will even come back to collect them and mail them to the Pitney Bowes post office box for you. Now that is customer service. If you would like to mail your own cards, the address is Holiday Mail for Heroes; P. O. Box 5456; Capital Heights, MD 20791-5456. They must be postmarked by Dec. 7 in order to allow time to get them mailed back to the various chapters around the world for delivery in mid-December.

If you know of organizations or veterans or families of service members who would appreciate receiving these messages, please let me know. My contact information is below. You can also call our chapter office in Reno at (775) 856-1000.

Let’s show our troops and their families how much we support and appreciate them.

Have a ramblin’ good week.


Reach Gail Davis at or 265-1947.