Lunch With Robin Reedy |

Lunch With Robin Reedy


I had the pleasure of attending a forum for the upcoming Assembly District 39 primary election last Wednesday, hosted by the Douglas County Republican Women. The forum provided the two candidates the opportunity to share their governing philosophy with us.

Since I was already familiar with Assemblyman Jim Wheeler’s record as the top-rated conservative in the last legislative session, his presentation held no surprises for me. I do want to share my impressions about challenger Robin Reedy’s stated refusal to sign the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge which Assemblyman Wheeler has signed and still stands by that pledge.

Ms. Reedy claimed that signing the Pledge would signal to her negotiating partners in the Democrat caucus and unwillingness to be flexible about shrinking government and lowering taxes. This, she instructed us, is not the way you “get things done.”

Perhaps she has forgotten that the last District 39 assemblyman who put “getting things done” over his voters’ economic interests and supported a $620 million tax increase, got fired by those voters in the following election cycle.

This newspaper just ran an article that Douglas County celebrated an unemployment rate decrease from double digits to “only” 9.5%. I would think that any politician who is sensitive to the ravages of the Obama economy would understand that tax hikes at any time, but especially now, are bad for business. We don’t need any more job-killing tax hikes no matter what we might get in return.

It is tough to advance an agenda in a legislative body when you are in the minority party. But I don’t think that AD 39 voters have any appetite for another politician so eager to cut deals that she treats their core values as bargaining chips.

If what Jim Wheeler got accomplished in the last session were carried over to the next legislative session, shortstop gun control, block tax hikes, block any more government regulations, as well as other undesirable legislation, then I would be happy to have him in that seat for as long as the law allows.

What can we do as citizens to help Jim and all the Republicans in the legislature? We can vote in a Republican majority in both houses.

Walt Nowosad