Love letter to elections |

Love letter to elections

We had someone ask the other day whether we published letters in support of candidates.

Do we ever!

With filing wrapping up in a couple of days, we’ve seen a few election letters roll in, and we figure their cousins aren’t far behind.

We believe that part of a free and open election is the ability to express support for candidates, and we do our darnedest to make that process as easy for readers as possible.

But to paraphrase a founding father, if letter writers were angels, we wouldn’t need editors.

That’s why we ask for a phone number and address from letter writers to confirm someone from Douglas, Alpine or Mono counties actually wrote the letter.

We’ve had instances where someone actually used the dog’s name. It takes a lot for us to reject a letter, even from the dog, but we do occasionally. If you see a whole bunch of letters from one side and not another, it’s generally because we’re not seeing them either.

The letters policy appears in every edition of The Record-Courier, and while we don’t expect you to personally sign an email, we do expect the person claiming the letter and the person writing it to be one in the same.

We also limit letters from campaigns to one per election. That list has been expanded to campaign managers and immediate family. This is not an invitation for every candidate to write a letter. It is intended to allow a candidate to personally respond to an accusation of some sort.

We will give candidates an opportunity to share their platforms with voters in our election guide, which will go out before early voting starts.

Here’s hoping for a clean well-fought campaign. Good luck to one and all.