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Looking forward to being back in the saddle

East Fork artist Vickie Kingman said she drew this from one of the deer photos I took.

There are scores of cards on my bookcase from well-wishers as a result of my recent bout with lymphoma.

I was diagnosed in March and underwent 18 weeks of chemo over the following few months that forced the cancer into remission.

Over the last nine months, I’ve had visits from all kinds of people from county officials to former colleagues and even a couple of shipmates.

There are some folks I’m extremely thankful for. Jim Grant, Joey Crandall and Sheila Gardner were instrumental in getting me to my medical appointments.

My in-laws, Gim and Joyce Hollister, deserve my undying gratitude for their support. Not only did they get me to most of my appointments, but they shopped, and cleaned and did a hundred other things that I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Regular visitors included Scott Neuffer, Mike Fischer, Bernie Curtis, Janet Geary, Adele Hoppe, Caryn Haller, Brad Coman, Belinda Grant and Stan Kapler.

My special thanks go to my former shipmates Mark Anzman and Tom Mizell, who flew all the way across the country to visit with me.

Publisher Pat Bridges also was a welcome regular here at R-C West. My sincere thanks to the staff of The R-C, who stepped up in my absence. I’m especially thankful for the help Appeal Editor Adam Trumble provided us while I’ve been out.

I’m thankful for the folks at Swift Communications, including Betty Harwood and Susan Carbiener in Human Resources.

This last year put the family in family company, and I’m grateful to all the folks from Swift, who’ve been tracking my progress and supported me through this entire thing.

I’m thankful to my sources, who have been generous with their time and input while I’ve been writing from home.

I’m thankful to The R-C’s correspondents and readers, who’ve put up with me for these last 13 years.

There are a lot of folks I haven’t mentioned by name, who have supported me during this illness. Each and every one of them has my gratitude and contributed in some way to my impending recovery.

I’m getting better, and I hope to be back to work well before Christmas. I’m not certain how it will turn out, but I’m looking forward to being back in the office.

Kurt Hildebrand is editor of The Record-Courier. Reach him at khildebrand@recordcourier.com or 782-5121, ext. 215.