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Looking for information


On July 14, right here in downtown Gardnerville, dear friends of mine were attacked. They had gone out to hear a local band and play pool.

They were across from Sharkey’s at the French first and then went over to Nevada Ugly’s to play pool. There were no problems of any kind, no words with anyone, and they just had a nice time. Until they left. He went out first to open the car and she heard a big commotion and ran out to see seven, yes, seven guys assaulting her husband who was bleeding profusely. They jumped him from behind and were brutally beating him. She jumped on one and it took three of them to hold her down. The other four were still beating him and thank God, two good samaritans went out to help pull some of them off and yelled out “we called the police,” which caused them all to scatter like cockroaches when the lights go on. The police did arrive and took a report. The assailants were seven white men, average height and weight. The couple didn’t get a real good look at all of them, but could identify some of them. One of them was called “Hugh” or Huges. Please ask around or keep your ears open for anything you might hear regarding this incident. We can’t let our quaint little town become LA. If these guys have some justice applied, maybe the likes of them won’t do this to your loved ones too. Call the Douglas County Sheriffs Office to notify them of anything that might help catch these chickens.Thanks for anything you can do to help. I hope this makes you mad too. Let’s try to keep our community safe for all of us.

Claudia Varin