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Looking for a place to land a monument

Kurt Hildebrand

The Nevada Historic Preservation Office is reviving a monument that once stood at the intersection of Highways 88 and 395 before Highway 395 was widened in the 1980s.

The monument was one of 17 produced for each county in 1964 in honor of the state’s centennial. It was moved into storage 20 years later when the state expanded Highway 395 and removed the triangle at the intersection with 88.

The monument’s text prompted it to be recast after the county committee in charge learned what the monument would say by reading it on the front page of The Record-Courier.

The state acquiesced to the county’s wishes, mainly because they’d only spent $100 on it, and had budgeted $300. Inmates at the prison recast the monument with the new wording and on Oct. 29, 1964, it was set in the triangle at highways 88 and 395, where it sat for about a quarter of a century.

State Historic Preservation Officer Rebecca Lynn Palmer said the state contracted with Abstract Masonry to rehabilitate and reinstall all 17 monuments.

They are in negotiations to find a home since it’s old site is now under asphalt.

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It appears that the Genoa Park swingset effort is within $1,400 of its $5,000 goal. Town girls Shaylynn and Whitney Walters, Elizabeth Billman and Liliana Adamson collected $507.18 to go toward the swingset project, which is at $3,614, according to Town Manager Phil Ritger.

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