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Looking back on the old days


On April 11 we were once again blessed by two more letter writers who would like to take us back to the golden, gilded days of yesteryear.

Both expounded an unwillingness to be taxed. One writer expressed a distaste for her taxes to be used to encourage people to to get healthcare coverage. Of course she has no love for Obamacare, but what health plan does she or her party have as a substitute? Do we go back to the hospital emergency room for our health needs or have the unfortunate seek their chemotherapy at the local, community church? She goes on to blame Obama for a bad economy. The writer forgets that Obama not only inherited the second worst recession from George W. Bush, but faces a Tea Party congress whose only policy is to say, “no” to our President.

The second writer blames candidate Robin Reedy for not signing,”The Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer pledge.” The writer feels that tax hikes at anytime are bad every time. Meanwhile, Nevada is just about last in education and can’t even manage a 2 percent increase toward educational needs.

Again, we have a populace in this country that want the same conditions found in the Gilded age before taxes were ever required.

This populace also has a whole host of items they dislike such as

1) immigration reform 2) Social Security-but will accept 3) Medicare-but will accept 4) women’s rights 5) Obama’s job bill 6) food stamps 7) college loans 8) unemployment insurance 9) regulations of any kind 10) the higher minimum wage 11) some voting rights 12) civil rights 13) cutting tax benefits for the wealthy.

And as a way of cutting the above we have a budget from former vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. By shrinking most of the above we can also take away the safety net of the poor and middle class needs, yet lower taxes for corporations and the top 1 percent, so that they may feel free to create more lower, paying jobs.

It really must be difficult and tiring to be a candidate for congress knowing it consist of two different worlds, one to use its resources to benefit the present day needs of people, the other yearning to return to the past, and with no compromise in sight.

Harold Zaroff