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Looking back at a moment in time

Record-Courier Office Manager Alice Price found a photo upstairs at the paper of a man on a bicycle towing a little boy in a wagon in Gardnerville.

One of the clues was that the name on the gas station said Oxoby, and the address was not too far from that of the newspaper.

We walked down to the Oxoby Mobile Home Park, where we talked to Marcella Oxoby, who recognized her husband Mitch on the bicycle and grandson Dominique in the wagon.

That part of Gardnerville looks a lot different than it did when the Oxobys bought the park back in 1971, though there are a couple of power poles in the back that are dead ringers for those in the picture.

There was a Mobil gas station in the front, and a couple of big above-ground fuel tanks visible above the station.

The tanks in the back were filled from the top, and had a ladder on the side for that purposed.

Marcella said the gas station was the only place in town where customers could buy gas when the power was out, which was pretty frequently.

One of the pumps could be worked by hand, but they tended to limit fuel sales to 5 gallons because it took a lot of effort to work the pump.

The offices for architect Rob Oxoby were built on the site of the gas station.

■ ■ ■

Gardnerville resident Stan Lamb said the annual Jethro’s All 4 Charity King Crab Feed and Steak Cookout will be Aug. 16 this year.

Where the crab feed focused on one charity for the last several years, this year they are raising money for 19 different charities.

The event sells out all 500 tickets, which is all it can hold, every year.

It takes place in the parking lot at Jethro’s Oven & Grille located at 1281 Kimmerling Road in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Stan says the group’s ambitions are to raise $100,000 by the year 2020. Toward that end they’re looking at expanding the event so they can sell more tickets.

■ ■ ■

Someone up in Reno decided that a little rain would spell the end of at two-year drought.

I can hear Nevada Climatologist John James yelling down from that weather station in the sky.

“You can’t get out of six years of credit card debt with one payment.”

And you can’t break a drought with one rain storm.

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