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Looking back and moving forward

by Gail Davis

Well, just two more days until Christmas. And, only eight more days till the year is over. Where has the time gone? It really is true that the older we get the faster time flies. This time of year always puts me in a reflective mood, looking back at Christmases past and the changes that have happened locally as well as around the world.

It’s been a little more than five years since Costco opened on Old Clear Creek Road. Look at the changes in northern Douglas County and southern Carson City since it opened in November 2000 and how our property values have skyrocketed. The Douglas County Skate Park across from Lampe Park was still in the planning stages.

Do you remember how you viewed our world before Sept. 11, 2001? The ease with which you could get a flight to anywhere you wanted to go and how quickly you could get through the boarding almost seems like an eternity ago. Our levels of suspicion have been raised to new heights.

Almost three years ago to the day, most of our neighborhood was without electrical power for four days. Thank goodness for the old-fashioned wood stove and its simple method of heat and also for gas appliances. I know those of you who have lived here for more than 10 years remember many winters like last winter; but for the rest of us “newcomers,” it was still quite an experience. I bet there were a lot of snow blowers sold in anticipation of a repeat performance this year.

This year our Ruhenstroth Volunteer Fire Department was recognized as the safest department in the East Fork Fire District. A special thank you to Mark Gonzalez, training captain, for keeping the men and women current on their skills and to assistant chief John Babcock for being the guiding force behind the department as well as to the entire team that makes the department what it is. Also, congratulations to Jeff Weaver of Ruhenstroth Volunteer Fire Department who was named runner-up as firefighter of the year. Hoorah.

This past year has seen a devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean and more hurricanes than they had names for as well as many, many devastating earthquakes. And don’t forget our men and women serving the United States in lands far from their homes and family.

Just in our household, the past five years has brought our first grandson into the family; our youngest son went to Iraq twice and returned; our oldest son went to Korea and returned; and our daughter left last January with the Nevada Army National Guard Delta Company out of Stead and we look forward to her, and her unit’s, return in the next few months. Unfortunately five of their members were lost on Sept. 25 and their families will be missing them this holiday season.

As this year comes to a close, take a moment to reflect on the changes that have occurred in your family and have a little fun remembering times past and looking forward to the many changes that are sure to take place in the future.

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.