LIving it up with the Eagles |

LIving it up with the Eagles

Gail Davis

Do you have a favorite song by the Eagles? “Hotel California” has always been my favorite. There’s something eerie about the traveler trapped in a hotel by a strange hostess with the “Mercedes bends.” And at the end, the night man confirms that the traveler is indeed one of many “prisoners of our own device(s)” by saying, “you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.” 

There are many, many suggestions for the hidden meanings behind the lyrics but when Glenn Frey or Don Henley is asked, they explain that it was just their perception of underbelly of success, the darker side of paradise. 

The Eagles were in Reno last Friday to kick off their current tour and the show was great. Their show isn’t filled with a lot of explosions and smoke displays, just musicians showing us how to enjoy the moment. 

They had a horn section, four in all, dressed in Blues Brothers style with each choosing a different hat. They were spotlighted and added a depth to the concert as well as some comic relief when they broke into their own backup dance routine.

For all the concerts I’ve ever attended, I must admit that I had never seen the Eagles in concert until they were here a few years ago. Where was I all those years? After seeing them at Lawlor Events Center, I couldn’t believe how many songs I loved that were theirs.

I’m not one of those people that can quote the artist when I hear a song or even the name most of the time, I just know the songs I like when I hear them. Our tickets for that concert were in the nosebleed section and I vowed to get closer the next time. 

The 21st row means we were on the floor so every time someone stood up for a song, we all stood up so we could see. Needless to say, we spent most of the almost three hour concert on our feet. No complaints though. We were all transported back to the ’70s and ’80s with each song taking us to our own set of memories about our lives at that time. They also sang several songs from their newest album, “Long Road to Eden,” once again proving that they still have what it takes to sell records and tickets.

Have a ramblin’ good week.

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