Literally uphill to money |

Literally uphill to money

It’s been nearly three decades and the number of buildable lots in Douglas County is still being debated.

In 1990, Douglas County’s Planning Department issued a summary along with a draft ordinance to limit master plan amendments showing there were 8,836 residential lots.

The development community applied a different definition to the term, claiming there were really fewer than 1,500 buildable lots, with only 300 of those available for sale.

A list of projects being touted by commission challenger Mark Gardner shows around 7,700 units that could be built, though there are some issues with the number of homes approved for Clear Creek Golf Course, so let’s call it 7,500. We would argue that if you really wanted to pad that number you could delve into the approval between the Gardnerville Ranchos and Dresslerville where estimates at one time included thousands of potential homes

On Tuesday, Planning Manager Sam Booth pointed out that many of the projects listed, including 2,500 for Park Holdings, have yet to seek any sort of subdivision map.

Booth’s definition of a buildable lot reduces the number to around 4,223. Douglas County has a growth cap so only a portion of those could be built at once, and we can only imagine the outcry if someone tried.

The reality is that with the resources, every lot in Douglas County is a buildable lot. Residents of Genoa were surprised that someone would build a house a couple of hundred feet up the mountain, but there it is.