Linda’s apple pie a treat for the ages |

Linda’s apple pie a treat for the ages

by Karen Rosson

I was saddened to read your article about Linda Monohan on Nov. 18. I didn’t know Linda, but I knew who she was because of her R-C column. I didn’t think she would have ever had any effect on my life in any way. But Wednesday afternoon (the day before Thanksgiving) I was pouring through my vast collection of recipes, most of which have been cut from the newspaper or magazines. I was looking for inspiration in the form of a better apple pie recipe. (Like many others in this valley, we had a bountiful crop of apples this year and I froze as many as possible.) Among all those clippings, there it was – a faded, discolored clipping from a 2004 column written by Linda:

“Here’s my recipe as it evolved over the past 44 years of our marriage. For a 9-inch deep-dish apple pie.” And she ends her recipe with the single word: “Delicious!”

Until Wednesday, I had never tried it. Yes! It was – and is – delicious, the best apple pie I have ever made during 56 years of marriage, and a great finale to our Thanksgiving dinner. And, a great “breakfast” the next morning.

I am writing in hopes that you can forward this to the Monohan family. I would just like them to know that I thought a lot about this woman that I never knew, as well as all of them while baking her delicious pie! And I hope her family keeps this recipe going in her memory, because it’s a real keeper!

Linda Monohan’s Deep Dish Apple Pie: (in her own words, Thanksgiving 2004, Record-Courier)

“Here’s my recipe as it evolved over the past 44 years of our marriage.

For a 9-inch deep dish apple pie:

Heat oven to 425 degrees.

Prepare pastry for two-crust pie. Pre-cook bottom crust for five minutes at 425 degrees (so it won’t get soggy).

Six cups of tart and juicy apples that are thinly sliced and peeled. I like a mixture of Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Gravenstein.

Toss with three tablespoons lemon juice.

Stir together three-fourths cup sugar, one-quarter cup flour, half tsp. nutmeg, half tsp. cinnamon and a dash of salt.

Mix into apples.

Simmer apple mixture 10 minutes with half-cup water to pre-cook. Put the apples into the bottom crust and dot with two tablespoons butter. Cover with top crust, which has slits cut in it. Seal and flute and bake at 400 degrees for 40-50 minutes or until the crust is brown and juice begins to bubble through the slits.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy this season of good foods, good friends and good times.”

Karen Rosson is a Gardnerville resident.