Like it? It’s for sale |

Like it? It’s for sale

Today marks the 25th anniversary of then-County Commissioner Jacques Etchegoyhen publicly proposing purchasing 9,800 acres of what was once Dangberg land to preserve it in agriculture.

The county followed through and on July 6, 1995, commissioners voted to make a $24 million offer on the property.

Two months later the county backed down when it became obvious it would have to leverage every nickel to make the deal work.

Besides the date, an obvious reason to revisit the purchase is the approval receiving area that would allow up to 2,500 homes on the same property, which was purchased by the Parks and Don Bently in the midst of that crazy summer.

On Tuesday, Planning Commissioners heard a presentation on a proposal to increase the sales tax by a quarter cent to raise money to buy development rights and preserve open space.

County commissioners will get a turn to discuss the proposal in May.

Approval of that increase by county voters would raise $2.1 million a year for the purchase of development rights on agricultural property, preventing it from being developed.

The danger in trying to legislate slow growth is that it relies on the vagaries of the commission, and it only takes one board willing to approve growth to make a big difference.

Buying development rights is a great way to ensure open space is preserved in Carson Valley in perpetuity

“The best planning is done with a checkbook.” Etchegoyhen has said.