Lights and charity ring in holiday |

Lights and charity ring in holiday

We’re lucky in Western Nevada to have as much sun as we do through most of the winter.

As nights grow longer, a little extra light doesn’t hurt the psyche.

This week the towns, their main street programs, the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce, and lots of other folks will be enjoying the lighting of trees, gazebos and pretty much anything else that will hold a string of lights.

Vivid colors will be everywhere, hopefully helping to make spirits a little more bright.

A lot of time and effort have gone into Christmas decorations. And thanks to new LED technology, Christmas lights don’t have to be a drain on the power bill or the environment.

Sometimes it’s hard to get through the holidays, and hope that folks know it’s OK to ask for help whatever the time of year.

Carson Valley residents tend to be caring people, and we know that they can be very generous.

We see many examples of that willingness to help accompanying the holidays, including the angel trees in area businesses, food and coat drives by Valley businesses, and other fundraisers and benefits hosted to help folks in need.

We’ll see an example of that next week at the Share Your Holiday Drive-by Food Drive. If Carson Valley’s response to that event was the sole barometer of caring, it’d indicate fair weather.

Giving is always more rewarding that receiving, and we feel that’s the key to this season, and part of what makes this such a great place to live during the rest of the year.

So let’s all lend a hand to donate and celebrate this season, remembering need doesn’t own a calendar.