Librarians do a great job |

Librarians do a great job


We are all quick to comment when our county folks don’t do things as we would like. And sadly they do that a lot.

However when something is good — really good — we should also comment. I think our library system as operated by county employees and volunteers does a superb job. With a limited budget they plan and execute well. All the folks I encounter are helpful and trained. Further they all seem to really want to please the “customer.” The SW programs for book hunting are intuitive and generally easy to use.

Recently I wanted to get copy of a Tahoe Daily Tribune story. It was not available online or at the Minden branch. However an email and phone call with the help of Mary and Morey solved my issue without a special trip to the Lake Tahoe Branch – thanks again.

Maybe the next time Steve Mokrohisky is parceling out county money, the well-run county units could be rewarded with some extra budget.

Bill Broquist

Carson Valley