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Letting poisons hatch out of Nevada politics

by William D. McCann

Reality now outstrips fiction. Writers without talking heads die daily on the vine.

The reign of “media-critites” is proving more deadly than any meteor or asteroid shower.

No matter one’s political persuasion, it must be conceded the 2012 presidential candidates Obama and McCain were far from mediocre.

But by 2016, only toxic entrees remained on the presidential menu.

So that by mid-term 2018, carpet-bagging “media-critites,” taking advantage of our gag reflex, occupied Nevada’s State House, its Senate Majority Leadership, and the Office of Attorney General.

It is not known if Nevada’s political and cultural fabric will survive impacts from these less than celestial bodies.

Study, carefully, recent events during Gov. Steve Sisolak’s 100-day reign:

his mishandling of the plutonium debacle

resignation of Senate Majority leader Atkinson, prompting the necessity to investigate cronyism between Sisolak, Kelvin Atkinson and Attorney General Aaron Ford.

the rapid Balkanization of Northern Nevada

The first: “I am beyond outrage by this completely unacceptable deception,” blustered Sisolak, in a feeble attempt to justify breach of promise made in both his State of the State and inaugural addresses, that nary a toxic quark would invade Nevada. How could the politician responsible for protecting his constituents from plutonium poisoning not know the stuff was already here?

His statement implies that there are acceptable deceptions, a former telemarketer’s telling Freudian slip.

We should institute constitutional amendments prohibiting former reality show mavens and/or telemarketers from holding public office; these programs only nurture and encourage truly stunning skills in the arts of manipulation and deception.

In his debut as attorney general, Ford, at Sisolak’s command, failed to enjoin future nuclear waste shipments into Nevada. Even an Obama-appointed Nevada Federal Judge Nevada had no choice but to deny this hapless attorney’s request because he failed to present evidence of irreparable harm, as required.

Wouldn’t it be pretty if we could elect attorneys general who knew how to win, or at least refused to waste taxpayers’ dollars in the pursuit of losers?

The second: The indictment and resignation of Atkinson for stealing funds from his campaign forces us to follow the money.

The linkages between Sisolak, Atkinson and Ford must be brought to light:

Atkinson was the largest single outside donor to Sisolak’s campaign (other than Sisolak himself – who, once assured of winning, loaned himself a quarter million dollars) in the CE filed with the Secretary of State on Jan. 15. Sisolak was “extremely disappointed” at his crony’s resignation: no more tainted dollars from that source.

It gets worse:

Atkinson was a large outside donor to Ford’s campaign in the a recent CE filed with the Secretary of State.

Ford was a large contributor to the Atkinson campaign

Sisolak made financial contributions to both his confederates.

How he did this, and whether he knew of Atkinson’s theft, is under investigation.

The third: The use of the terms carpetbaggers and confederates is not meant to bolster Sisolak’s inferential comparison of himself to Abraham Lincoln in his State of the State; they merely signal a war between Northern and Southern Nevada that will be far from civil. Sisolak has drawn a new border slightly north of Pahrump, irrevocably dividing Nevada politically culturally, and economically.

Not surprisingly, he has used his Clark County base to consolidate power and rob the North of meaningful representation. He has accomplished this through board, commission, and cabinet appointments drawn from his base. The promise in his State of the State and Inaugural addresses, to “keep an open door” to “new ideas” from “all Nevadans” is false. His staff doesn’t respond to emails, letters, or telephone calls.

Sen. James Settelmeyer, neither carpetbagger nor “media-critite” — and no one’s crony — led the charge to unearth the corruption:

“Senator Atkinson has violated the integrity of our elections and broken the trust of the voters and his colleagues. We hope this is an exception, but we must get all of the facts and determine how far this corruption goes. We must preserve the integrity of this institution.”

In “I Claudius,” Robert Graves put it well: “Let all the poisons – that lurk in the mud – hatch out.”

William D. McCann is a Genoa resident.