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Letters to the Editor for May 30

Lake Tahoe Yoga sponsored a workday Saturday to clean up Zephyr Cove Bike Path. Owner Jenay Aiksnoras thanked volunteers Forest, Chrissy and Anna Silverman, Iris Kamm, Steve Wetterer, Kelly and Mike Garcia, Kathy Fields, Aimee Leskovic and Geoff and Lisa Valentine. TAMBA donated the use of tools and Tahoe Justice Department supplied tools, trash bags, gloves, and dog poo bags.
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Backing Duffy for sheriff


After hearing the candidates for Sheriff speak at the Town Hall Debate, one candidate stood out – Captain Joe Duffy. What a remarkable man. His experience in law enforcement goes back 28 years. Serving first as a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy he became proficient in custodial gang enforcement. He has been a Captain for 8 years and has worked in the Jail, Admin, Swat team, K9 division and Patrol. He has supervised and managed the formation of the Mobile Outreach Safety Team which is comprised of specially trained officers in the mental health field who conduct follow-up and provide special attention to the mental health population. Captain Duffy is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

What is most impressive is his initiative in starting a new program within the department. Where funds were lacking, he raised $100,000 in the community to bring the K-9 Program here and personally worked with two canine partners, Kilo and Bella for 12 years.

Last year, he headed the Haunted House for Halloween, he and his team raised $15,000 to send deputies of the Honor Guard to Washington, DC to experience the Police Memorial.

He was the only candidate to talk about his pick for undersheriff, Capt. Jim Halsey, who has 30-years in law-enforcement. As second in command, Halsey will oversee the workings of the department. He is currently the captain of the Jail division which was recently awarded the highest honor of being the No. 1 Jail in the United States by NCCHC Society. Halsey served active and reserve as a U.S. Navy Seabee for 30-years.

Capt. Coverley didn’t give any details on his experiences in law enforcement or what programs he has implemented. He has been a captain 2½ years and is over the Admin Division. His pick for undersheriff is Sgt. Ron Elges who has no experience at the executive level.

Brady and Paris, who are not law enforcement officers, would both have to attend the POST Academy for 17 weeks before they could actively serve as Sheriff.

Capt. Joe Duffy with Capt. Jim Halsey will serve us well.

Rita Hill


Thaler is a good man


In response to Jeanne Shizuru’s letter in the May 25 edition of The Record-Courier.

What a joke. I’ve always been a Republican, but I don’t always vote Republican. I’ve voted for Democrats, also.

How can you try and beat up Steve Thaler about Tiregate, and any of the other county issues, good and bad. You talk about draining the local government swamp.

I voted for your husband, who is County Commissioner Dave Nelson. It sounds like I should have voted for you after you signed this letter in the paper. You are always writing the paper complaining about something.

It’s your husband’s fault as much as anyone else’s, who according to you is part of any county swamp.

Steve Thaler is a good man. John Engels sounds like he’s going to cure all the problems in the world, so maybe he should run for President.

On a better note, vote Dan Coverley for sheriff. Dan is a local boy, who knows what this county is all about. He is not a transplant from another state, who knows how to keep his workforce from quitting. Morale is a good thing in whatever you’re doing.

Bill Thran


Good candidates for sheriff


Douglas County residents are fortunate to have two respected Sheriff Department Captains, Joe Duffy and Dan Coverley, running to succeed Sheriff Ron Pierini.

As the more senior captain, Joe Duffy has served 23 years with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. His eight years of leadership at the command staff level with the rank of Captain makes Joe Duffy the most experienced and qualified candidate in the race.

In his leadership role as Captain, Joe Duffy presently commands the Patrol Division, SWAT team, and K-9 unit. Previously, he served as Jail Division Commander and Lake Tahoe Substation Commander. A skilled communicator, Captain Duffy is considered an expert on gangs and is an international speaker on the topic, as well as serving as a Nevada State POST certified law enforcement instructor.

Importantly, Joe Duffy is partnering with Captain Jim Halsey as his designated undersheriff.

Capt. Halsey is a 24-year veteran of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, having served in a variety of assignments in the patrol, investigations, and administration divisions. Captain Halsey currently commands the Jail Division. As the strong partnership between Sheriff Pierini and Undersheriff Paul Howell has proven over a dozen years, the position of undersheriff is as important as the office of Sheriff. According to the requirements of the Douglas County Human Resources department, Capt. Halsey is the only currently qualified candidate for undersheriff.

Experience matters. Captains Joe Duffy and Jim Halsey will make a great law enforcement leadership team for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Please join me in supporting Capt. Joe Duffy for Douglas County Sheriff.

Mary Hartman


Only let people like us in


When did we decide that “low income” was a negative term, and those in that category were undesirables? Does this mean that your stylist or landscaper or housekeeper and yes, even your children are undesirables and do not deserve to live in Douglas County? That only people “like us” should be allowed in Douglas County. This is the overwhelming position of the Good Governance Group members and candidates. Nazi Germany tried this “like us” experiment once and we all know how that ended.

As a young man, finally getting a real full time job, I felt proud to move away from home and pay for my own place. Being, at the time, part of the “low income” group, a small apartment was all I could afford. Many of my neighbors were in the same boat. We developed strong bonds and many of us became lifelong friends. We had no gangs or hoodlums . We respected our property and contributed to our community just like any good citizen.

I have grave concerns about any group that has such willful disdain for people who are just trying to build a life and better themselves. Did they all start life with the proverbial “silver spoon” or are they totally dominated by their “like us” attitude?

Do any of you remember what an Apprentice is? That was the way you learned a trade or skilled job. Many of our good paying trades (non low income) can no longer get people to even enter apprenticeship programs because they can’t afford to live here. Many employers in Douglas County cannot find entry level employees of any skill level due to our “low income” housing shortage. If this trend continues, not only will we lose our young workforce but also the businesses that employ them.

So you see, not having some form of low income housing is detrimental to the well being of our entire community, remember that renters buy food and services and gas and all the things that keep the wheels of Douglas County humming. Just like the rest of us.

Terry Faff


View the video for yourself


Before casting your ballots, go to http://www.YouTube.com and search “Dan Coverley Douglas County.” Watch the shocking video of Coverley abusing a handcuffed man who is forced to gasp for air while Deputy Elges holds the man firmly in place.

View the Federal Court case documents and read the sworn statements from Coverley and Elges on http://www.KNVC.org. Watch the video, read the transcripts and judge for yourself as to the honesty, integrity and character of these two men.

Under oath, Elges claimed he “didn’t see” what Coverley was doing, despite video evidence to the contrary.

When the video evidence emerged, the county had no choice but to pay out a large settlement to the man, due to Coverley’s excessive use of force.

Police misconduct and then lying about it is completely unacceptable. Rewarding and promoting friends and family who helped cover it up is the definition of corruption. Coverley’s campaign has reeked of a lack of integrity from the beginning, from the hijacking of opponents’ websites, to violations of state campaign laws regarding signage, to publicly denying easily provable facts about his discipline record. If he can’t demonstrate honesty and integrity now, imagine what could happen if this man became Sheriff? What else is he hiding? A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

Surely we all deserve better than this.

A. Brown


Tholen best for assessor


A vote for Trent Tholen for assessor is a step towards maintaining the high standards, objectivity, and stability in a Douglas County office that affects us all. After all, Douglas County now reports more than $3 billion in assessed valuation. That makes education, professionalism, and experience the key elements required of the next Assessor.

I first met Trent when he was newly married and doing carpentry work while finishing up his degrees in management and marketing at UNR. Since that time Trent has served as a Town of Genoa Advisory Board member, as well as its Chairman. He has completed the Douglas County Leadership program, and as senior appraiser, is the only staff member currently appraising both real and personal property. Our Assessor must also be a good negotiator, as he maintains Nevada’s assessment regulations and standards. Trent can do that.

He can be seen around the valley volunteering his time, be it with Little League or the volunteer fire department, often toting one of his three sons, whom he proudly states are 6th generation Douglas County boys.

I believe that Trent Tholen will make an excellent Douglas County Assessor. His professionalism, background, experience, and personality all contribute to his ability to head this vital department of Douglas County. Please join me in voting for Trent Tholen.

Gail Teig

Van Sickle Station Ranch

Letters on Murphy wrong


Janet Murphy for Douglas County Commissioner. On her behalf, It was published in the Tahoe Tribune by the Tahoe Chamber she has not taken a position on redevelopment agency No.2. But on the contrary she has taken a position. She has continued to say in open forums, “it’s all about the numbers, the numbers have to work, I haven’t seen a feasibility study, you simply can’t make a call without doing your homework, what kind of public official would that be, as I know I’m accountable for the tax payers money based on the decisions I make, and this is why I have been successful.”. It seems her position was left out of the article. I believe because her response is too logical. Janet Murphy pays attention to all the details and stays informed. That is exactly what we need, not public officials that just say Yes or No, because that is who has endorsed them. And, those are the kind of public officials we keep getting and don’t want! We need proven candidates that have a track record and have demonstrated; they stand up for the people. Janet Murphy has done this over and over in her past 26 years as a public servant, she has never wavered. Even when she was told “you can’t fight city hall or the good old boys”. That didn’t stop her; at times she was the dark horse and has had great success. Janet Murphy has continued to fight for the Tahoe Township revenues to stay at the Lake. She took on the PUC regarding digging protocols and proved the NAC was inconsistent, the NV Energy, how the power is unacceptable, now project 624 a new main transmission line is underway, South West Gas requesting all public entities locate all utility hook ups, she proved private and public sector are governed by separate laws and it would be a financial burden to some entities. And NDOT, her district is much of highway 50, she has continued to negotiate on endless projects and saved a tremendous amount of money for the taxpayers, this last one was the tunnel extension. This is just to name a few in which she has accomplished with success. She’s ingrained in government at many levels and with many agencies. Tahoe Douglas District, which she manages, is the only entity that hasn’t had a sewer hookup increase, and holds the lowest rate. She took that district from nothing when no one wanted it, to now being the most solvent and thriving district. I’ve heard many people say “if only they heard her, the choice would be clear”. I believe it’s hard for anyone to compare, she depicts wisdom and has the skills that are required. She will stand up for the people whomever she represents. Clearly this is why Janet Murphy is not being endorsed by any establishment, because she stands by her principles and the people. Maybe scared? Janet Murphy’s a true champion.


Zephyr Cove

Voting for Giunchigliani


I am so happy to have a candidate for governor that I can vote for with enthusiasm in Chris Giunchigliani.

She first came to my attention with her fearless support for the average Nevadan when she served in the Nevada Legislature. She won my admiration again as the only Clark County Commissioner with the guts to vote against the tax boondoggle to help billionaires build a stadium for the Raiders.

I am disappointed that Steve Sisolak has chosen to run his campaign based on personal attacks.

He criticizes her for voting for raises for the legislators, but did you know that our legislators only get their pay of $150 a day for 60 days of the 120 served?

They get per diem of $142 to help with lodging, food and transportation because most come from out of town and have to leave their jobs and families behind but they still have their mortgages and household costs to pay there, plus the expense of a second temporary home up here. But for two months they basically work for free.

One of the things I like most about Chris is that she’s not afraid to vote for what is fair, whether it’s popular or not.

Vicki Bates


Thanks to sheriff’s office


As a former law enforcement officer I want to thank the brave young man and woman of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. They are professional and quick responding to Pine View Estates now and we appreciate it. Thank you.

Steve Dickerson


Courts can stop changes


Regarding the recent initiation of the lawsuit concerning the conservation easement, perhaps this is a harbinger of things to come. The continued contempt of the master plan and zoning parameters by both the board of county commissioners and the Douglas County Planning Commission need further legal intervention.

So I suggest forming a legal fund derived from concerned taxpayer-citizens to file a collective or class action lawsuit contesting every master plan or zoning variance rendered by the commissioners, now and going forward.

Environmental groups have successfully thwarted contemptuous development for decades this way.

Perhaps the only way the Valley will remain rural in the face of ethical negligence and contempt is to be rural by law.

Gene Robinson