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Sometimes you just

have to laugh


No politics allowed here. Only something on the lighter side. I went to my favorite Wally-Mart today and bought several apples. I also picked up a few other things, as usual. I didn’t take a basket out to the car and decided to carry everything.

I always have my heavy purse so naturally there were too many things for two hands. I was bopping along to my car, shoulder sloped, when all of a sudden a guy stopped right in the middle of the parking lot and said “Lady you’re losing your apples.”

I thought first my marbles, now my apples.

He asked “Would you like some help?” The apples were rolling everywhere and I mean rolling.

I never realized how round they really are. I definitely didn’t have enough hands because there was a large hole in the bottom of the sack so I would still be there if he hadn’t helped.

He left the truck right where it was in the middle of the parking lot, jumped out like a fireman to the rescue, and helped me cart them to the trunk of my car. I told him he was a sweetie and went on my way.

The day before all this happened, my husband, Lee took our Toyota to the dealership because the (check engine) bright red light had come on alarming us, naturally, that something was wrong somewhere.

He reacted quickly and took it in the next day.

The guy looked at it and then checked his hand held diagnostic wonder, frowned and then said “It appears your gas cap is loose.”

We were relieved it wasn’t something serious but just had to laugh over such an unusual situation.

So folks our advice is if your engine light goes on first check your gas caps.

And another thing remember to find something to laugh about every day, even if it is at yourself.

Judie Hartwick


Thanks for a great

Business Showcase


On behalf of the board and staff of the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce, I’d like to extend our thanks to all who made our 18th annual Business Showcase at the Community & Senior Center a success.

More than 1,250 folks made their way through the exhibit floor to meet our members.

Our sponsors are critical to the event. The Record-Courier has been a full and valued partner in this event since year one.

Carson Valley Medical Center makes it possible for us to secure the space at the Douglas County Community & Senior Center and we could not stage the Showcase without the full support of General Electic, Douglas County, East Fork Fire and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Brandi Brown and Tahoe Production House are moving us into what’s current in tech and marketing and that’s no small matter.

Thanks to Scott Doerr, Sheryl Christian, Kurt Ahart, Liz Baumgartner and all of the staff at the Community & Senior Center for their assistance. Chamber Ambassadors Gary Dove (he’s also the Chief Electrician), Ted Thran, Kathi Rittenhouse, Deb Posnien, Carrie Nicolaisen, Jon Fisk and Laura Carrion put in long hours doing everything from planning to set up to check in to the proverbial ‘other duties as assigned’. Our beverage honcho Byron Waite more than handled the heavy traffic with dexterity and efficiency and volunteers Larry Offenstein, Debbie Dove, Lisa Finks and Hayden Lane provided an incredible amount of great attitude and help. We thank all of them.

Thanks to our members who take the time and incur the expense to be exhibitors.

It ain’t easy, but every one of them did a great job in renewing their relationships with old friends and creating new ones as well.

Thanks to Chamber Manager Alicia Main and Administrative Assistant Gina Macabales, who somehow manage to pull together the million details of an event this size.

And along with all the thanks, we congratulate everyone who won one of our raffle prizes and Linda Sawtelle, who won the Grand Prize Drawing and will be enjoying a new Weber Grill from Ace Hardware.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who took the time to come out and visit with us at the event.

We hope you enjoyed it, found out about some offerings from our members, and have it on your calendar for April 14, 2019.

Bill Chernock

Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce