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To the editor:

Good investment


Absolutely, the Douglas High School Band should participate in the events in Washington, D.C. The final part of our democratic process is exhibited during the swearing in ceremonies; it is a celebration of our democratic ideals. It easily can be considered part of those kids’ education.

Therefore, it is probably right and proper that the county commission provide some seed money and impetus to get the band back there. The travel itself is broadening; the experiencing for the first time, for many, the look of a different place, is most important. The benefits may be subtle, but they are real. And long-lasting. Our community will benefit in subtle ways, as well.

The commission’s generosity with our money is well-placed, well-invested. Our community’s future will be of higher quality because of their act. Nine months ago, we retired (we think) and moved here; the quality of the area and the community were the major influences in bringing us here. Our income is far less, and it is hard to make donations, but this one is necessary. Find our check, enclosed, made to the Douglas High School Band. We’re on the bandwagon! Thanks.

Warren Harnden and Arline Zeidler


Jan. 8

What vision


I have always thought that the Douglas County commissioners were short-sighted. I was wrong. They have second sight. They knew I wanted the Douglas High School marching band to go to Washington, D.C. Since no students came by asking for help and I saw none at the grocery store, they knew I was going to have to mail a check.

Not anymore. They knew I wanted it to come out of my property tax.

The commissioners are so far-sighted they know that they need to put pressure on the school board because most of the students want to give up school supplies so their friends can go to the appointed President’s big party.

Commissioner Kelly Kite was asked if the commissioners were trying to strong-arm the school board into matching our donation and Kite said, “I hope so” (Reno Gazette-Journal 1-5-01). He said he was joking. Who gets the brunt of his joke?

John Spradley


Jan. 6

Think it through


I am happy that our Douglas High School Band has been invited to the Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C., and they are a group of students in our community that we should be proud of and support. However, I strongly object to the donation of $15,000 from our county commission. Let me repeat that I think the band deserves our community’s support, but it should be from willing contributors, some of whom have already stepped up and donated a considerable amount toward the trip. This kind of donation from the commission opens up the door for many of the other worthwhile youth activities to expect a donation. I’m sure the wrestling team, ski team, soccer, baseball, football and basketball teams could use a boost for their programs, and let’s not forget our Little League baseball teams who have traveled out-of-state to play and represented our community admirably.

Then, there’s the Pop Warner kids who work so hard to compete and show outsiders they come from a great community. The list goes on and on. I would have expected our commission to have thought through their decision a little more thoroughly and not just given our money without hesitation. Then, their challenge to the school district to match their money went way beyond their duties and is an embarrassment to this voter. To even make a suggestion was in very poor taste and has only added to the tension already set in motion from the election. I would encourage the school board to put a little more thought to such a request and not give money just to “keep the peace,” but to do what’s right for the entire district. I again have to say that I am very proud of the band and their hard work.

Kathi Hussman


Jan. 8

Tigers thank Lions


On behalf of the Douglas High School wrestling team, coaches and parents, we wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the Carson Valley Lions Club.

For the past 26 years, the Lions Club has donated its time and support to the Douglas wrestling team by sponsoring our annual tournament. This year’s tournament consisted of 15 teams from Northern Nevada and California. The members of the Lions Club unselfishly work long, hard hours to make sure the tournament is always a success.

Thank you again, Carson Valley Lions Club.

Ron Hall

Tournament Director

Jan. 8