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Letters to the editor Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017

Thunderbirds 5 and 6 perfom a stunt Saturday at the Minden-Tahoe Airport.
Brad Coman |

Scandals right here

in Douglas County


Scandals fill the headlines most days lately. Or then again, maybe I should say “scandals and fake scandals” thanks to the increasing lack of ethics in mainstream journalism. But that’s on the national scene, or occasionally at the state level (remember last year’s Nevada Dental Board scandal?).

So most people wouldn’t think a rural, peaceful little conglomeration of friendly towns and villes like Douglas County would be rife with scandal, would they?

But they would be wrong. This county has so many scandals (whether hidden, publicly known but ignored, or coming to a revelation near you soon), my heart spins with dismay. Why are most residents unperturbed by this alarming situation?

The answer is that the Douglas County hierarchy deals with almost all its scandals by either refusing to acknowledge them as scandals (and being allowed to do so), getting the legal geniuses who should know better to approve the scandalous actions, or delaying divulging the scandals until they can be framed to be non-scandals.

Here’s a short list of those scandals from the not too distant past that I know about:

1. The unethical handling of the Jobs Peak water issue;

2. The outrageous implementation of a policy to not maintain county roads; 3. The financing of the Community/Senior Center;

4. The shenanigans of the DCSID followed by the outrageous reformation of the DCSID so it can be just as corrupt as before (partly a state scandal);

5. The incompetent handling of the Historian Inn failure to pay taxes;

6. The incompetence in overseeing development of Jobs Peak Ranch, Sheridan Acres, Clear Creek, and Sierra County Estates with regard to water; and, finally,

7. The incompetent (and possibly corrupt) handling of the application by Parker to build residence on designated open space (in which the scandal consists of untrue representations being made by county legal staff to the commissioners).

But there’s more.

There are scandals on tap:

1. The county-employee(s?) profiting for years from stealing and selling tires right under the noses of the County Scandal;

2. The-keeping-of-No. 1-in-this-list (which has been known to the county for six or more months)-a secret-scandal; 3. The promoting-of-a-person-who-should-have-uncovered-No. 1-ages-ago-to-the-highest-position-in-the-county-accounting-department Scandal (facilitated by Scandal No. 2); and 4. Praising and signing up of the interim county-manager-for-a-two-year contract-(by four commissioners who knew or should have known about Scandal No. 1, and who should be holding the County Manager accountable for such thievery going on under his watch) scandal.

Keep in mind these are scandals I know about (and feel free to mention). How many more have been or are being swept under the secrecy rug? Is this really the best Douglas County can do? Makes me think we don’t actually have those “outstanding employees” so deserving of generous raises and a ridiculously long seven year contract. Oh … and I guess that’s a scandal, too.

Virginia Starrett


Thunderbirds put on great show


What a wonderful opportunity for our community to have the variety of aircraft showing us their best in the sky and on the ground. Thanks to the many persons involved with it. Thanks Bobbi and staff, committees, pilots and mechanics, sheriff’s personnel, East Fork personnel and any others I have missed.

Though we heard uncommon noise associated with the various aircraft, we are glad for the practice to insure safety with the show.

What an awesome display of vintage and modern aircraft and their creative ability. How special for our community to be able to see such a display of showmanship. It brings memories to many and an education for the young. There are few towns of our size that can boast of such a tremendous show of aircraft and especially the famous Thunderbirds. Many of the aircraft came from all parts of the USA and Canada to give us such a great show.

Thanks again for the great airshow in our little community. Looking forward to the next one.

Beverly Giannopulos,


Collusion claims by Clinton are fake


To explain her election defeat Hillary Clinton alleges Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Her allegations, and subsequent investigations, are reminiscent of Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles.”

In “Blazing Saddles” greedy developer, Hedley Lamarr, wanted a railroad to run through the frontier town of Rock Ridge. To stop Hedley, townspeople constructed a fake Rock Ridge bordered by a toll booth. When the villains attacked, dynamite exploded from the booby trapped fake town.

Because no facts support their allegations, Hillary Clinton and her colleagues attempted to build a fake collusion. However, the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium to the Russians approved by the Obama administration booby trapped them.

The real Russian collusion commenced with Bill Clinton’s assisting Canadian mining financier, Frank Giustra in obtaining Kazakhstan mining rights. Giustra’s company, Ur-Asia Energy, then merged with Uranium One, which controlled uranium mines in the American west.

The Clinton Foundation received $145 million from Uranium One shareholders. Company chairman, Ian Telfer, donated $2.35 million. Frank Giustra donated additional millions.

Following Putin-arranged arrests in Kazakhstan Uranium One’s stock plunged. Hillary Clinton’s State Department convened meetings with the Kazakh regime, and it then was announced that Russia’s Rosatom, would purchase 17 percent of Uranium One. The threat to Uranium One’s stock value disappeared.

Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a June 2010 Moscow speech from a Kremlin-connected Russian investment bank, Renaissance Capital. The bank promoted Uranium One stock. In January 2013 Rosatom purchased Uranium One.

Was there a whitewashing by Mueller’s FBI and Holder’s Justice Department of racketeering charges? A witness, the lobbyist who alerted the FBI to Russian racketeering, has not been allowed to testify yet. This is an anachronism that even Mel Brooks could not have created.

Mary Porter


To the Happy Outlet


You are absolutely correct that many young people are told that the only way to succeed is to get a four-year degree.

We are not all destined for that goal and many highly intelligent people want and need to work with their hands and see their results.

The best ally you have in this area is Western Nevada College!

No, I do not work there, but I have spent 30-plus years in the community and technical college arena. The best thing you could do is partner with WNC and Happy Outlet University so that you get the training your staff needs and they get the college credits they want. Community and Technical colleges exist to serve students who need a solid start to the four-year degree And those who aspire to strong technical careers. I wish you the very best.

Mary E. Retterer, Ph.D.

Retired College President