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Letters to the editor Wednesday, Dec. 20

Christine Banker took this photo of wild horses grazing in the Pine Nuts.
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Browning of the green


Hello, my fellow taxpaying homeowners in Sunridge, Indian Hills, Topsy Lane, Johnson Lane and all of the other expendable (streets-flood control) territories in the county.

The co-opted purveyors of gridlock (board of county commissioners) have now taken stock, and have decided you need apartments a lot.

The interest here is not affordable housing, or the dearth of people clamoring for it, but the permanent profit mill, which rental housing creates.

As I stated in my Dec. 8 letter, you’ll have to take your county back at the ballot box, or it’s the “the browning of the green.” We’ll be as tight as canned sardine lemmings to the right and left of us and all points in between.

Gene Robinson


Great job Douglas debate


My husband and I were fortunate to be judges at the recent Speech and Debate Competition hosted by the Douglas High School speech and debate team. We enjoyed listening to the very talented participants perform their varied activities. Congratulations to Karen Heine for successfully organizing the weekend’s activities and to the other volunteers who contributed to the event. We also were gratified to receive hand-written thank-you cards from all of the Douglas team members.

Meredith Swanson-Jessup and Mike Jessup


Suicide Prevention Network thankful


Suicide Prevention Network is honored to have been chosen as the 2017 Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit of the Year and would like to thank our fellow community members and the Chamber for this recognition. We know how many truly essential and caring non-profits there are in Carson Valley and are grateful to have been acknowledged as a valued member of this group.

Suicide Prevention Network is dedicated to promoting suicide awareness and prevention through education, advocacy and intervention, ensuring that all members of our community can live their lives free of the threat and anguish of loss from suicide. By providing quality services and programs to our community free of charge, SPN strives to empower both individuals and families with information, support and advocacy through prevention, intervention and education programs.

Once again, I, along with SPN’s Board of Directors – Terry Taylor, Dave Brady, Natalia Vander Laan, John Merino, Denise Castle, Anthony Field, Jan Garcia, Becky Hanson, Barry Penzel, and Steve Thaler – and staff – Donna Chizek, Billy Hawk Enos, Alisa Merino, Cheila Ramos and Linda Sanfilippo – wish to thank this wonderful community for the honor.

Debbie Posnien

Executive Director, Suicide Prevention Network

Column on target


Marie Johnson should be given an award – at least a standing ovation – for her article entitled “Not everything needs to be a war.” She nailed it. This country sends our young men and women around the world to fight and kill and then wonders why there are tragedies like the one in Las Vegas at home. Maybe it’s just man’s nature to kill (I know I could if someone threatened one of my loved ones) but why do we make everything a warring situation? Money maybe? We all know someone somewhere is making bundles off wars be it on drugs, poverty, etc. And our politicians say “gun control” is the solution. Controlling guns might stop some deaths and our politicians can feel they’re doing something valiant but they’re not solving the REAL problem. Maybe if we all stood up and gave the time-out sign when our Government feels the need to send our youth to some other country to kill or be killed, we might make them question their decision. We can only hope.

M. A. Richardson