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Letters to the editor, Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Douglas County Sheriff’s Explorers, standing, Cameron Norkunas, Maverick Duffy, Sierra Edwards, Manuel Castrellon, Tobin Schultz, Spencer Flanders, Charity Rosier, James Alvarez, Tyler Smith, Madison Palmer, Fallon Montanucci, Kneeling are Brady McLaughlin, Caitlyn McLaughlin, Nick Wiggins, Jocelyn Smith.
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Thanks for the support


On behalf of the staff and students of Zephyr Cove Elementary School, we would like to express a sincere thank you for the continued support we receive from the Tahoe – Douglas Rotary Club. The most recent generous contribution was the purchase of 25 Chromebooks along with a charging cart. This contribution now makes it possible for most of the primary students to have their own devices. It is wonderful to see advanced computer skills attained at such an early age. The use of Chromebooks at our school has positively influenced the learning in our core academic areas. Thank you again Tahoe – Douglas Rotary Club. We are very grateful.

Susan Desrosiers

on behalf of the staff and students at Zephyr Cove Elementary School

Students betrayed by those protecting them


Students returned to Marjorie Douglas Stoneman High School after spring break to be greeted by metal detectors and clear backpacks – neither of which would have stopped the horrific shooting on Valentine’s Day by a dangerous young man who entered, unchallenged, through an unlocked stairwell. Many blame the NRA and the gun lobby, which I don’t understand. The NRA wasn’t informed about Nikolas Cruz: the FBI, Broward County Sheriff’s Office, and school district were, and all chose to do nothing. See something, say something, get nothing.

Some blame the gun, and want to see a host of new laws to “stop school violence,” a noble sentiment that I, as a teacher, support, though the blame is misplaced. Had Cruz killed students with a legally purchased shotgun, would that have somehow made it better? Had he stolen a handgun, what law would have changed that? Had he taken 17 lives with an 18” military machete, would there have been a march on Washington demanding a ban on “assault weapons,” i.e. machetes with blades over 12-inches? Had he waited until school ended and run down former classmates with a pickup truck, would we be talking about raising the age for a driver’s license to 21?

Students were betrayed by people sworn to protect them who ignored their duty and have been held blameless for no reason I can understand. Half measures meant to appear to be “doing something” are no answer, blaming those who had no part in the act is foolish and unproductive, even if it gets you on television.

Protect students and make schools safer by addressing the failures that allowed this to happen, not scapegoating those who had no part. Noise and showmanship belong in the circus, not on school campuses. As for those who stood by and ignored all the warning signs? Throw the bums out.

Gary Mark Collier