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Letters to the editor March 14, 2018

High water drowned the road to the primitive campground at Topaz Lake on Sunday.
John Flaherty/Special to The R-C

Backing Capt. Joe for sheriff


As a former Douglas County Sheriff’s Office employee, I have had the pleasure of knowing Capt. Joe Duffy and Capt. Jim Halsey since they began their careers more than 20 years ago. Joe and his wife Teresa have dedicated their lives to law enforcement and this community. They are both employed at DCSO and their son Maverick is a member of the DCSO Explorers. Joe has worked in all the divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. He has extensive knowledge of this Department and our community. He has served in numerous positions of authority during his tenure at the Sheriff’s Office. In addition, he is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Commands the SWAT team, K9 Unit and is considered an expert in gangs. Joe’s wife, Teresa is the Youth Services Officer at DCSO. She devotes herself to the children of Douglas County often giving countless hours of her own personal time as well as work time.

Capt. Jim Halsey served this community and our country in dual careers. During his time with DCSO he has also served as a Chief Warrant Officer in the Navy, active and reserve. Jim’s wife, Frankie has always been loving and supportive of her husband. His devotion to law enforcement and our country have taken him away from her on many occasions. She has always shown the utmost devotion to Jim and their family.

Both Joe and Jim support our youth and seniors in Douglas County. They understand that first and foremost their duty is to serve the public.

With their years of experience and concern for the betterment of our community, I feel they are the winning team for Sheriff and Undersheriff of Douglas County.

Paulette Lawless


Lack of responsibility the enemy


Freedom without responsibility is tyranny. Right now, we are experiencing the tyranny of lack of responsibility of gun ownership. Does this sound like you? No? Then please stop with the dogma, propaganda and blaming I’m currently seeing in the paper. Democrats are not the enemy. Republicans are not the enemy. The NRA is not the enemy. Lack of responsibility is.

The second amendment reads: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

At what point did the first part of this amendment get lost? I don’t think the people who wrote the second amendment ever intended responsibility to be abdicated in the right to bear arms but this is what has happened. This last year the NRA celebrated their success in getting a bill passed that allows mentally disturbed people to have easier access to guns. Why? I don’t think getting weapons to irresponsible people increases freedom. I think it opens us up to greater tyranny.

A new Florida state law now allows teachers, with training, to carry firearms in the classroom. The military requires firearms training. Police and arson investigators are trained and also take psychological tests to see if they are mentally stable enough to carry weapons. Yet, an 18 year old can buy an assault weapon without being part of any well ordered militia, without any training, without responsibility. Guns are considered to be weapons. This is a tool whose purpose is to kill and it is readily available to anyone. How does this fit with the full reading of the second amendment as it refers to a well ordered militia and the right to bear arms?

There is a problem called gun violence. Knowing of this problem makes us part of the problem. We have a choice to continue to be part of the problem or to be part of the solution. Lets have a conversation about that. Are you willing to listen to what is said beyond the words and emotions? To let go of your best ideas? To work together? Together, lets find a solution that is even better than we’ve imagined.

Joan Costa