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Letters to the editor, Jan. 3, 2018

Save Jobs Peak


Thank you for publishing the recent article “Forest Service proposes Jobs Peak transmitter” (12/27/17), alerting Douglas County residents of the planned project. Upon reading the article I felt a range of emotions including disbelief, anger, and despair. Like most residents I suspect, I strongly oppose such a facility placed atop Jobs Peak. I believe the installation will mar the scenic beauty of the peak, impacting views of the majestic mountain landscape enjoyed by Carson Valley residents and Tahoe Rim Trail hikers alike.

In follow up with Kurt Hildebrand, the article’s author, I confirmed that he only learned of the proposed radio repeater from a concerned local community leader. Kurt was reasonably certain he had not received notice from the Forest Service directly. The lack of Forest Service effort to make the general public aware of the proposal is very troubling as it makes me wonder if the Forest Service is downplaying the potential adverse impacts of the project in order to fast track project permitting and installation. It is logical to assume Forest Service administrators would understand the extreme sensitivity issues associated with citing the repeater in a location highly valued by the public for its spectacular scenic landscape; and accordingly, would touch a painful nerve with valley residents and other affected interests opposed to installing a tower and ancillary structures on the peak.

This project proposed by the feds will impact the quality of life of all Carson Valley residents. It is therefore critically important that the Forest Service be honest and open with Douglas County residents to help them fully understand the extent to which their views of the peak will be negatively impacted by the structures, and to understand what project alternatives the Forest Service has or has not adequately considered. As there is no guarantee the Forest Service will do this, the best way to help people understand why their beautiful views of Jobs Peak are at risk is to consider how the scenic beauty of Hope Valley’s famous alpine landscape was marred in recent years through installation of a similar communications tower and equipment atop Hawkins Peak. I beg that Douglas County residents will not let the same thing happen to Jobs Peak.

If you have not done so already, then by Jan. 8, please contact Erin Noesser, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Acting Forest Planner and contact for the Jobs Peak Radio Repeater Installation project (elnoesser@fs.fed.us or 760-873-2449). Tell her that you are opposed to the radio repeater installation as well as any other type of development on the peak and, if possible, briefly explain how it would spoil your view of the incredibly scenic mountain landscape.

Your failure to contact her and express your opinion on this project could give the Forest Service the false impression that Douglas County residents don’t care about preserving the untarnished, wilderness character of this majestic peak and our treasured views of it. This would likely support installation of not only the currently proposed radio repeater installation, but also additional communication towers and equipment on the peak that may be proposed in the future. Please speak up now or forever live with the consequences.

Dave McNeil


Radon issue is manmade


The radon problem in houses built in Carson Valley is most likely manmade. The fill “dirt” under almost all older residential construction came from the radon quarry commonly called “the sand pits” located south of the Gardnerville Ranchos. More recently, radon was quarried from “the big dig” situated across from the Heavenly Valley Gondola in South Lake Tahoe, to be trucked over Daggett Pass/Kingsbury Grade and used as fill “dirt” in a residential sub-division east of and now included in the Town of Gardnerville. Perhaps a test of the fill “dirt” should be included in the approval process for new houses to make the builders/developers responsible for the environment they create before they take the money and run.

Charles Gillies


Sweet support for candy sales


The Carson Valley Lions Club would like to thank the community for supporting our annual See’s candy sales. One hundred percent of the money raised from the candy sales and other Lions fundraisers goes right back into the community for scholarships, eye exams and glasses, veterans programs, Austin’s House, Kids and Horses Therapeutic Riding Center, Carson Valley Food Closet, and many other worthwhile projects. None of this would be possible without support from the people of Carson Valley.

Dave Thomas

Past President, Carson Valley Lions Club

Tax cut gift for ultra-wealthy


The Republican tax cut plan is a Christmas gift to the global corporations and the ultra-wealthy and for the rest of us, i.e. poor, middle-class, seniors, students, teachers we get a lump of coal.

The top 1 percent will receive 82 percent of the benefits by 2027, with the top 0.1 percent receiving 59 percent of those benefits. Seventy-six percent of Americans will see a temporary tax cut, the individual tax cuts will go away in eight years which will mean that the majority of Americans will see their taxes go up after 2,025.53 percent of Americans will see their taxes go up by 2027, hardest hit within this group are Americans making between $54,000 and $93,000, 69 percent of them will see their taxes go up by 2027. The tax cuts for corporations are permanent and they are changing the Estate Tax to benefit the ultra-wealthy , i.e. the top 0.2 percent of Americans. The Alternative Minimum Tax is going away which again benefits the wealthy. The Republicans tax cut plan will add at least 1 trillion dollars to the deficit over the next decade. Republicans are justifying this increase in the deficit by stating the growth in the economy from the tax cuts will make it up (they claim a growth of 2.9 percent a year over the next decade). We will see some growth; however experts believe growth from this bill will be less than 1%.Experts also believe 75 percent of the tax savings by corporations will go back to the shareholders, not to creating new jobs or increasing wages as what happened with Bush’s 2004 tax holiday on offshore profits. Tax savings went to their shareholders and/or they bought back outstanding stocks to increase their stock value. Passing the tax bill under the “pay-as-you-go” or PAYGO, the government will be required to automatically make cuts to mandatory spending. Per the Congressional Budget Office, the Republicans could legally cut 25 billion from Medicare each year over the next decade. Adding repealing the mandatory health coverage requirement under the ACA to their tax bill makes a bad bill worse.

It is estimated 13 million Americans will lose their health insurance and premiums will dramatically increase.

The Republican tax bill will allow them to cut Medicare/Medicaid spending. Adding over one trillion dollars to the deficit will give them leverage to justify cutting spending on Social Security and other programs that benefit most Americans. Paul Ryan is already talking about going after entitlements. This is the Republican plan, squeeze revenue to the point they can justify to the American people we have to gut Medicare and Social Security.

Remember when you go to vote in 2018 that Rep. Amodei and Sen. Heller have voted to increase your taxes and to cut Medicare/Medicaid spending and opened the door for Republicans to cut Social Security.

Irene Rice