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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017

Commissioners vote against interests of residents


I would like to second what Lois Bock’s Oct. 4 letter said only add a slight different take.

Five years ago I moved to Minden from Redmond, WA. I had lived in Redmond for 21 years and had seen the town grow out of control. Initially Redmond had scattered residential developments but about 2007 there became a dedicated attempt to increase population and also increase the density of building in the downtown area. What was the result?

I don’t want to mention anything about the increased taxes nor the need for new schools nor the requirement for new services. I only want to mention the traffic. It became a slap in the face every day.

I have many friends who still live in Redmond and the formerly 7 minute drive into town now takes 35 minutes. Friends who would normally drive into Seattle once a month for various events now haven’t been there in 2 years. Acquaintances who drive from Redmond to Portland visiting family now have a 12 hour round trip instead of 6. That “slap in the face” is on everyone’s mind because it affects their quality of life. Now the Seattle metropolitan area has traffic as bad as Los Angeles.

So I ask is that progress? Does increased traffic make for a better life? When I came to Minden I had to make the mental adjustment of fewer green trees and slightly warmer weather. But the adjustment was easy because of the traffic.

When the “Redmond City Fathers” voted for more housing density they successfully got their names inscribed on plaques and were feted by the developers who came and went. It would be a travesty if we allowed the Carson Valley, the most beautiful place in Nevada, to succumb to those who feel that density and congestion is progress.

Robin Ruble


Response to editorial on recycling

To evaluate a program such as recycling by its profit to Douglas County is bad policy. Any program that benefits the public cannot be evaluated on profit and loss criteria. Maybe on the front end it may be necessary expend funds to collect recyclables at the curb, but it is the environmentally the right thing to do.

Other benefits are removing recyclables from the solid waste disposal dump, increasing renewable resources, and saving the planet from depleting existing flora and minerals. Many citizens may see recycling as a good thing, but the location is the county dump, in some cases a sizable commute. Collection centers placed in several locations could be a start to a viable recycling program. Look to other communities who developed a recycling program and learn from their process.

Jim Martin


Douglas County Empty Bowls a success


Thank you to all attended the fourth annual Douglas County Empty Bowls. The following is the list of contributors: Grill Next Door, JJ’s Mexican Restaurant, Jethro’s Bar and Grill, China Jade Horse, Café Girasole, Kristopher’s Ristorante and Bar, CVI: Katie’s Country Kitchen, Swiss Chalet, 1862 David Walley’s Restaurant, CVMC Food and Nutrition Services, Julio’s Restaurant, JT’s Bar and Dining Room, Noemi’s Pupuseria, Cold Water Brewery & Grill, Sue Scott, Mechelle Johnson, Diana Johnson, Chocolate Shoppe, Ann Ham, Starbuck’s Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley Inn, Camille Howard, Mont Bleu, Trimmer Outpost, Carson Valley Swim Center, The Quilt House, Christensen Automotive, Ironwood Movie Theater, Anna Hansen, Celeste Perini, Julie and Bob Dickerson, DST Coffee, Don McRoberts, Pat Smith, Bev Saunders: Wine Shop at Home, Fresh Ideas, Chipotle, Nyona Lang, Minden Meat and Deli, Ogres-Holm Pottery, Sierra Chef Farmers Market, Fleet Reserve Association Branch Unit 137, The Corner Bar, CARSON Valley Sertoma, Daria Winslow, Douglas County Citizens’ Patrol, FFA, CVMS, NJHS, The Ridge Resorts, El Dorado Savings Bank, Double J Auto, Michael Hohl Motors, Ginger Easley: Remax Realty Affiliates, Walton’s funerals and Cremations, Coffee on Main, Capital Beverage, Lagunitas, Claudia Lowe. This event benefits the Carson Valley Community Food Closet. Again I’d like to thank you to all who attended and donated.

Barbara McRoberts

Director Carson Valley Community Food Closet

Ignoring the protest of millionaires


In your Oct. 4 edition, a reader suggested that NFL players were being denied their 1st Amendment rights and our elected President was an S.O.B. Clearly not a Trump fan. This reader needs to embrace the concept of the 1st Amendment. Do they have a right to protest — of course — but I have the right to ignore them and not like what they are doing.

When I watch a game, or go to the game, I want to enjoy a moment away from the everyday blast of current events. Not watch a bunch of pampered millionaires lecture me on police bias. Again, do they have the right to do this? Of course! However, why don’t they get up on a Wednesday morning and go out in front of their homes a wave a sign stating their grievances?

When they kneel, they are not just disrespecting our nation, but they are stealing the brand of their employers and the NFL. Perhaps Roger and the owners could grow a pair and just enforce the existing contract rules.

Bill Broquist

Carson Valley