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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Volunteers make difference


Does $401,732 seem like a lot of money? It is the amount we do not pay in taxes for services provided by volunteers at Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. In 2016 the volunteers of Citizens Patrol put in 4,254 hours, Sheriff’s Posse 2016 hours, and Search and Rescue 10,825 hours. Independent Sector (www.independentsector.org/resource/the-value-of=volunteer –time/) estimates the value of volunteer time at $23.50/hour. I have lived in ten states and worked with municipal, county and state governments. By far this is the best operated, most citizen-friendly of any law enforcement unit I have experienced. The Sheriff’s Department Open House May 10 provided ample evidence of the ease with which deputies and staff interact with the public.

To become a Sheriff’s Department volunteer, a person must go through a security check and be trained. Many have volunteered for years, building on their previous talents, skills, and knowledge. Douglas County would be a pretty weird and less safe place were it not for these volunteers who augment and do work that the deputies have not time to do. The Posse participants supply their own animals and equipment and most members of Search and Rescue also provide their own equipment. Those contributions are not counted in the value of volunteers to the Sheriff’s Department.

Keeping deputies in Douglas County for most or all of their careers is difficult because many counties and cities pay more that Douglas County. Douglas County Sheriff’s Department is, unfortunately, a training ground for other counties.

Considering the incredible volunteer cadre that our Sheriff’s Department has built, and nurtures, we tax payers should be thanking the Sheriff’s staff and County leaders and staff for saving citizens so much tax monies and for the safe, positive environment they have created. And, the deputies deserve to be paid a competitive wage.

Mary Ellen Conaway


A great place to live


Connie Billington, thank you for writing a guest column in the May 10 edition of The Record-Courier. As a ‘new resident’ to Minden, I ‘totally agree’ with you that, “As a community, this is a wonderful place to live.”

Each morning Janet and I look out our windows and marvel, “What’s it going to be like today?” One neighbor told us not to ‘Google’ the weather, it can change here in 5 minutes.

I like your description of the Main Street Program. Only one and a half years old, and one of 1 of only 2 in Nevada. The ‘Program’ creates an identity for Minden, and helps preserve historical sites. Out of this comes economic revitalization, and design improvements to the area. In a recent talk to one of our local groups, Lisa Granahan, the Economic Vitality Manager for Douglas County, outlined the ‘positive effect’ the new Bently Distillery, currently under construction, will have on the entire Town of Minden and surrounding area. What could be better??

Earlier this week, I attended my first Douglas County Commissioners Meeting. The purpose was to approve the local Towns yearly Budgets. Our Minden Town Manager Jenifer Davidson, in a thorough and professional manner, outlined the Town’s Budget for the year. With an eye on efficiency and the Taxpayer interests. Her Budget was approved unanimously.

The Main Street Program will grow with the support of many volunteers. I stand ready to assist in any way that I can.

I like your Main Street Minden volunteer motto:

“Make a difference … every day … to someone.”

Thank you for your efforts. You and the Town of Minden have many events scheduled to take us through the Summer. It’s going to be fun. All of which create another great day in the Carson Valley.

Onward and upward.

Joe Hooven


Don’t sabotage president


The May 12 letter to the editor by John H. Garvin regarding President Trump’s mental health is as crazy as his article. I believe Mr. Garvin is an attorney and not a psychiatrist. Mr. Gavin references an article written by an author published in USA Today, who in turn references other psychoanalysts. Those professionals have never had Mr. Trump on their couch. Would Mr. Gavin represent a client without first interviewing them? Is this another political hack job?

Mr. Trump is doing everything in his power to brings jobs back to the United States, remove violent criminals from the streets of America (has Mr. Gavin noticed the violent crime rates in such cities as Chicago and Baltimore?), reduce corporate taxes to encourage companies to hire more Americans and fix our infrastructure. It makes me sad to think a multi-city “March for Sanity” has been scheduled for October 2017. This effort to sabotage a president who is honestly trying to restore America to greatness is beyond the pale. I urge Nevadans to dismiss this march as it only divides our country and makes America weak – not sane.

Mary Lou Gervie


No response from Heller, Amodei


Three weeks ago I wrote letters to my legislators, Cortez-Masto, Heller and Amodei, requesting their support for maintaining funding for the USDA loan/grant program in the 2018 budget. Continued funding for this program is necessary for the residents of Pine View Estates to finance the replacement of their non-functioning waste facility.

I received a supportive response from Cortez-Masto but no response from either Heller or Amodei. As expected, both Heller and Amodei have no concerns regarding the needs of their constituents, only concerns for their own agendas.

Just a reminder to both of them that re-election time is nearing and their lack of concern regarding their constituents will certainly impact the results of their running for office.

Doug Stimpson


Narcissism and the presidency


I was amused by a letter on your opinion page recently from friend John Garvin, labeling President Trump as a “narcissist.” That struck a cord because I’ve heard similar labeling from relatives and friends who display liberal political views, thus prompting this rejoinder, which is intended to be educational.

To be accurate, Webster’s dictionary defines narcissism as “gratification derived from one’s own physical or mental attributes”. Does that fail to describe virtually every president since the founding of the country? Yes, including even Barrack Obama? Even Hillary?

John professes concern about an unstable Trump finger on the nuclear trigger. Yet what label would you place on democrat President Harry Truman who dropped the first nuclear bombs killing over a million Japanese citizens in the 1940s? Not everyone would have endorsed that action, so was his decision to proceed narcissistic?

President Woodrow Wilson led us into World War I, a purely European dispute that caused the greatest cost in Americans dead and maimed to that point in American history. Did America gain anything from that disaster? What besides narcissism took us into that war?

Then there was progressive President Teddy Roosevelt, who missed no opportunity to stage manly picture shoots like leading the rough riders up San Juan hill, as seen in so many photos. Surely just a touch narcissistic.

Not to forget democrat President Franklin Roosevelt, who history has discovered knew from cracking Japanese communication codes the Japanese fleet was steaming across the Atlantic toward Pearl Harbor but never warned Hawaii’s military commanders, just so that he could have undisputed reason for going to war with Japan, thus ending the long economic recession. Was FDR not a classic narcissist? We should thank heaven and history that he had no nuclear trigger to have his finger on.

Barrack Obama’s narcissism manifested somewhat differently. Steadfastly declining to reveal documents of his education history, deliberately letting doubt fester lengthily that he even was born in the U.S. and qualified to be president, then fostering an economic climate that encouraged industrial and agriculture jobs to flee to foreign countries, while fostering trade policies leading to the greatest trade and budget deficits in American history, which may yet impoverish our descendents. Was that narcissism? Or just plain stupidity?

I joined Trump’s cheering squad at the very beginning of the presidential primaries, because I correctly perceived the election would be all about jobs, jobs, jobs, and correcting the deep financial hole Obama left us in. Along with detaching us from wars that don’t benefit us but contribute heavily to the deficits, and the continually expanding gap between elites and deplorables, to cop a phrase from Hillary. A gap that Hillary would have grossly expanded, which weirdly seems to be OK with her supporters. Bringing up the question, was Hillary a narcissist because her policies defied elementary reason?

I harvest grave doubts that Trump can carry out his campaign promises without first drowning in the D.C. swamp, but if he can, he’s my man!

Jack Van Dein