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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, March 28

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Thanks to citizens who gave their time


We are writing to express our appreciation for the citizens of our county who volunteered to serve on the recent Grand Jury. While service on any jury is an important obligation of citizenship, being a member of a grand jury is an entirely voluntary mission requiring months of service, during both days and evenings. The members of this Grand Jury met 74 times over the last year. They heard witnesses, inspected county government offices and sites, did research and watched emotionally difficult presentations in criminal indictments. Their dedication to the task, and most importantly to their fellow citizens was outstanding and merits public commendation. Agree or disagree with their conclusions, the final report is designed to help all of the citizens of the county to understand and consider the government that works for them. We would also note that after all of the days and evenings spent on their task, this Grand Jury concluded their service 34 percent under budget! Douglas County is fortunate to have so many good citizens reside here. The members of this Grand Jury are certainly excellent representatives of that fact.

Nathan Tod Young and Thomas Gregory

District Judges

Ninth Judicial District Court

No way to run a patrol division


Capt. Joe Duffy, “It’s not a quota.” To that I say, “If it quacks like a duck, it must be a duck”. I retired to Douglas County 22 years ago after 30 years on the Las Vegas Police Department, the last 12 years as Undersheriff. Then I spent six years as a Douglas County Reserve Deputy. During my rise in the ranks of police administration, one cardinal rule, as stated by every expert in the field of police administration, was that departments must never set quotas. Quotas force officers and deputies into making unnecessary arrests and writing questionable citations just to stay out of trouble with their supervisors. It allows municipal officials to use fines as a quick source of revenue to fill their coffers at the expense of the citizens and, in some cases corrupts entire law enforcement agencies. Capt. Duffy, try a more positive way to motivate your deputies. Punitive measures don’t work and will simply lower morale in what I understand is a department already riven with morale problems.

Eric S. Cooper


We need regular election updates


Kurt Hildebrand had an article in the Politics section discussing issues with the candidates for Sheriff (a nonpartisan position) in the paper March 21.

Buried in the last paragraph, was information of a luncheon that day where the four candidates were to discuss key issues and manners to deal with them. That was a whopping six-hour notice. (if were noted somewhere else prior to the article, it was not highlighted appropriately.)

I would have gone to hear what they all had to say… had there been more notice. In this important election year with many elections, Our paper could be more informative regarding up upcoming events. Our citizens should vote with good information “straight from the candidates.” I suggest The R-C have a section in Politics dedicated to Election Updates of upcoming attractions.

The R-C is the centralized communication tool to the citizens we should be able to rely on.

Mary Martin


Editor’s Note: Good idea. The first version is on page 5 of today’s edition.