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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018

Seniors Darryl Narvarte and Carly Howe are crowned homecoming King and Queen Friday night at DHS.
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What special interest?


Terry Faff’s Feb. 2 R-C letter accusing Douglas County Commissioner Nelson and his wife of attacking the county manager to strengthen their hand in helping out special interests, but he offered no specifics. I’m curious what “special interests” Commissioner Nelson and his wife are involved with.

We know it’s not the big money developers or the low-paying employers who want to build apartment houses in Douglas County. Nelson has voted against converting commercially zoned property to multi-family residential. We know it’s not the wealth Lake casino corridor; Commissioner Nelson is opposed to using redevelopment to divert taxpayer dollars to finance an event center to help out the gaming industry.

It most certainly isn’t the county’s unionized employee workforce. Mr. Nelson has voted consistently against the ridiculously out sized June labor contract vote and a subsequent payout to cover increases in employee health coverage costs. The unions ran ads against his election. Commissioner Nelson’s stand with the taxpayers and against the employee unions caused the president of the DCEA to insult Mr. Nelson to his face during a Lake BOCC meeting (without protest or comment from Chairman Penzel or any of the other commissioners).

I suspect Mr. Faff’s only agenda was tarring Commissioner Nelson and his wife in a public forum. If he had any proof for his claims, he would have included them in his letter.

Marshall Goldy


Nice work R-C


I just want to give kudos to The Record-Courier for putting the story of the wrongly accused nurse Kay Anderson on the top headline of the front page of the Jan. 31 issue. I don’t personally know Ms. Anderson, but to be accused of such a horrible thing had to be so hard for her to bare.

It seems lately that you are guilty until proven innocent in many cases. I think that sensationalist reporting is a way of selling news and is the cause of “fake news”. I’m proud that our “Hometown Newspaper “ gave equal ink to her obvious innocence and that all charges were dropped. Nice job, Kurt.

Willy Webb


Too pooped to pop


Piles of offensive poop are being found all around the trails in the Carson Valley. It is especially bad at Fay Luther. As a dog owner who hikes with my dogs I want to continue to be able to hike these trails. I find it irresponsible that folks let their dogs defecate on the trails and do nothing about it. The Carson Valley Trail Association has a poop bag station and a bucket right at the trailhead. Do lazy owners think there is a Poop Fairy who comes along and takes responsibility for their dog’s fecal matter? Or do they think there is nothing wrong with dog poo – that it somehow decays into fertilizer. Well, dog poo does carry germs and it doesn’t decay very quickly. It is not allowed in compost for vegetables because of this. This is especially true of the poo resulting from the dry kibble most of us feed our dogs. Consider that a single gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, you can see this is potentially a huge health issue.(van der Wel, 1995).

I have read letters complaining about seeing the bags of poop left behind on the trail. Many of us bag the poop as soon as it drops but leave it behind to pick up on the way back and dispose of. I recently bought a dry bag so I can place the poop bags in it to carry with me without the smell. My friends and I have also have been known to be “poop fairies” and pick up bags we see on the trail side. At least bags are preferable to the piles left where hikers can step in them or they decompose into streams and irrigation. Pick it up people so we don’t lose the opportunity to hike these beautiful lands with our dogs.

Terry L. Cuyler


Arpaio not a good idea


It makes me sad to think that there are those in Douglas County who thought it a good idea to invite someone as incendiary as Joe Arpaio to speak at their local fundraiser. While respecting First Amendment rights and the need to hold lawbreakers accountable for their infractions I would respectfully submit that inviting a braggart who is widely known for his cruelty to prisoners, who selectively failed to investigate violent crimes and cases of child molestation in favor of spending his department funds on chasing immigrants, and who himself has been convicted of criminal contempt for ignoring a Federal judge’s orders to cease racial profiling to speak, is not something many of my Republican friends would encourage. Provoking negative emotions to incentivize votes? Most folks I know would rather see a civil discourse.

Can you imagine the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office behaving in any of the ways that the attention-grabbing Arpaio boasts about? Me neither. Holding up a Sheriff who has demonstrated such contempt for the rule of law seems a bad idea to me.

In today’s world of heated exchanges and polarization I would hope that our local organizations would invite speakers who encouraged a more positive way of moving forward and who had actual, productive ideas – and not just vitriol – to offer.

We are better than this. For those of us who want to see our Country healed and who also want better for generations to come I implore that people stop and think – summoning our better angels to interrupt the current cycle of bitterness and anger would be a place to start.

Betti Christensen


Arpaio certainly sparks debate


Yes, Leslie Hokenson (“Speaker puts Valley in bad light” 1/31 R-C) former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is coming to Douglas County as a speaker for the Douglas County Republican Central Committee Lincoln-Reagan Dinner fundraiser. There is no doubt that he has been a divisive figure for some time, particularly on the issue of what to do about illegal immigration. But, I would argue, trying to shut down discussion on issues of vital national importance does not further the interests of our county nor democracy.

Politics being the dirty, immoral business it is, Arpaio has vociferous, no-holds-barred advocates and equally vociferous no-holds-barred detractors who yell at each other at the top of their lungs mostly just for show. His legal troubles reflect the political clout of those who believe that local authorities should not enforce federal immigration laws and who wanted headlines to further their cause. Too often, in today’s hysterical atmosphere, individuals are scape-goated for what the folks in charge see as “the greater good.” Arpaio, in my view, is one of those. I posit that President Trump saw it that way, too. Thus, the pardon.

Without a doubt, Arpaio, in his quest to highlight the harmful consequences of illegal immigration, deliberately brought attention to himself, but he also put in decades of admirable service even before he was elected as the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz. He served in the Army, worked as a police officer in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas, and then became a DEA Agent, where he did such a good job that he eventually led the Arizona branch.

Sheriff Joe is an American hero to countless Americans who monitor the battle over what to do with the millions of people who have entered this country illegally and shake their heads in dismay that amnesty would be on the table for any of them. For better or worse, he was, and is, an important voice for the “stop illegal immigration” crowd on the national stage.

If America is all about diversity, as so many claim, why the fuss? Instead, engage in civil debate and let the man be.

Virginia Starrett


Arpaio speech slap in the face


The invitation by the Republican Party of Douglas County for Joe Arpaio to speak on Feb. 18 at their dinner at the Carson Valley Inn is a disgrace and despicable slap in the face to the good people of Douglas County who are not, I believe, hate- and fear-mongering citizens. This wretched “lawman” has not only continually defied the law, dispensing his own kind vigilante justice in defiance of court orders, he failed to investigate sex crimes, misused funds and violated election law. The mere fact that he cost Maricopa County taxpayers $142 million (1) in legal fees, settlements, and court awards leads one to wonder, what in the world is the Douglas County GOP thinking inviting this convicted criminal to be keynote speaker.This xenophobe and bigot has no place in American politics, let alone in Douglas County. If U.S. Sen. Heller and Rep. Amodei attend this dinner, they are condoning this man’s racist, hateful rhetoric and costly vigilantism – costly not only monetarily, but in terms of human suffering. I live in this County and cannot sit idly by while this convicted criminal comes to town.

Tobi Tyler