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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017

Letters to the Editor
A Douglas Disposal truck is nicely decorated for the Parade last Saturday night.
Brad Coman |

Tire thefts cost all of us


The issue of missing or misused funding from our county’s taxes is quite concerning for “all” involved.

This “political and factual hot potato” has more verbiage mileage than a set of Michelin Tires and everyone, seems to have their finger in the pie!

This entire issue would be a new venture, if this county hadn’t been through it before. (For additional insight consult your county Board of Commissioners.)

I’m sure all hands are growing weary with the all the finger pointing and the layers of investigators. Nonetheless, this responsibility is not just one person or a group or the board, it is all of ours. As taxpayers, we have been cheated from finishing unfinished projects, developing plans and providing needed services for our citizens, young and older. We all have taken a great loss. Those funds were ours.

Now, how to recover from this unfortunate event.

First off, the county needs to follow through in its “check and balance” audits, the taxpayers deserve that much protection, this after all is not the first time.

Second, our county employees are outstanding and uphold the pride and hard work ethic that we can embrace as taxpayers. But they need to be our eyes and ears! If an issue doesn’t look correct, they need to come forward and report it and the system needs to make every effort to listen and investigate.

“The sweeping of issues under the carpet, must stop in government.”

Number three, Restitution. “All Players” knowing or not, need to pay the piper. (If you’re not sure, find out.)

If you have realized any gain from this misuse of public funds, it is on you. Pay us back. (The county needs to set up an account that folks can deposit their funds into. There will be no further recourse.)

It is my hope that this will help with a direction in this issue and pave a way for prevention in the future.

Marc Frank


Tax bill misrepresented


I am writing on behalf of Concerned Voters Douglas County, a nonpartisan group of citizens. We are concerned that the tax bills being pushed through Congress are being completely misrepresented to us the tax payers. According to the Joint Committee on Taxation these bills will add at last 1 trillion dollars to the deficit.

The concept that jobs will happen and the economy will improve sufficiently to cover these additions to the deficit has no support from past experience. If you do not believe the experts, you may check the experiences of the economy after tax cuts by Reagan, Bush the 2nd and currently in Kansas after tax cuts which have left the state with a huge budget shortfall. In the words of Dean Heller in 2011 “As our national debt grows, the dollar is weakened and Americans have to work more so they can buy less.” Let’s take these lessons to heart.

We believe that true tax reform requires serious and difficult bipartisan discussions about taxation, expenditures, priorities, and the best possible options for all Americans rather than just the rich and privileged. We hope that our representatives to Congress are listening.

Donna Weidner


Noel Christmas Day Dinner ending


I am sorry to announce that after 19 years, there will be no Noel Christmas Day Dinner this year. We did not get a chef and my stamina and health aren’t what they used to be. All good things must come to an end.

I will pray that those who attend will find someone to share their dinner with on Christmas and start a new tradition.

It was my pleasure to organize the event since 1998. I thank all the wonderful people who volunteered and helped me over the years and for all those who faithfully donated food, supplies and money.

This year will be the first in 19 years that I will spend Christmas with my family,

Ecclesiastes 3: “A Time for Everything”

“God bless us, every one!”

Peace and Love,

Rita Hill, Coordinator