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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017

Nelson standing with President, people


My husband and I were flattered to receive an invitation to greet President Trump when Air Force One landed at the Nevada Air National Guard Base in Reno on Wednesday, Aug. 23.

Gov. Sandoval and Attorney General Adam Laxalt were among State dignitaries who met the President on the tarmac. Also State Senator James Settelmeyer and State Assemblyman Jim Wheeler were there to welcome the President.

Interestingly, the only Douglas County elected official who attended was Commissioner Dave Nelson. Like the President fighting the Washington, D.C. establishment, Commissioner Nelson is fighting the Douglas County establishment on behalf of the residents. Thank you Commissioner Dave Nelson for standing with the people.

Jan Muzzy


Anti-Trump rally pushing hate


I got a real kick out of the mini anti-Trump rally held Saturday, Aug. 26 at the corner of Hwy. 395 and South Riverview. A small group of about 40 well-meaning but misguided or under-informed people holding “Stop the Hate” signs among others. I believe they were against building a wall at our southern border. There are two reasons to build a wall; to keep people in (reprehensible) or to keep people out (define a border). Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t agree with everything our President does but I can’t recall so much hate and violence exhibited by a group of disgruntled citizens in the past 50 years.

I was happy to see that the protesters didn’t try to block the highway or in any way disrupt their fellow Americans right to proceed unimpeded.

Just three questions I would have liked to get responses to:

Do you really think Trump is responsible for all of this negative backlash?

How many law enforcement officers have been murdered on Trumps watch?

What do you really think about our President?

We got an answer to the last one when my wife passed the intersection when everyone had left, someone had written “Trump Sucks” on the curb. Stop the Hate?

Dan Paterson


Trump, Pence denounced bigotry


Douglas Democrat-in-chief Kimi Cole’s 25 August letter to Vice President Pence in The Record-Courier was disrespectful and irresponsible.

Kimi wrote in a very pleasant tone, seeking an air of credibility with readers. She claims that VP Pence supported President Trump “not to denounce hate and bigotry.”

Two seconds with a Google search: “trump denounced” provided plentiful documentation that President Trump did in fact denounce hate and bigotry. Such occurred in plenty of time for Kimi to be aware.

As the head Democrat in Douglas, can we assume she has an implied responsibility to know basic facts when she publishes, a fair assumption being her position affords her an assumed level of integrity for which she should exercise intellectual honesty?

The Office of President of the United States doesn’t exist to puppet uninformed and biased talking points forcefully submitted by angry, uninformed mobs with the media as accomplices.

In the history of our great nation, nearly 1.4 million troops have given their lives to defend our Constitution and thereby, Kimi Cole’s right to free speech. Unfortunately, their sacrifices were never able to secure the implicit responsibility and duty of integrity that goes with that right.

As a Veteran that proudly and respectfully returned home the remains of deceased soldiers on my cargo plane, I take great offense when anyone uses the cover of free speech to spread falsehoods as part of a coordinated smear campaign.

As Kimi broached the accusation that our Vice President and President did not denounce bigotry when the record shows they clearly did, I offer the readers the dictionary definition of bigotry: “intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.”

Perhaps Kimi Cole could more accurately identify bigotry with the aid of a mirror?

Shawn Meehan


Summer reading program a success


Every year, the Douglas County Public Library offers a Summer Reading Program for children and teens. The program is consistently a huge success, with hundreds of young readers participating each year. The kids read, earn prizes, attend fun events, all the while preserving their reading skills while school is not in session. Throughout the years, I have heard many adults request that we do something similar for them. After all, adults like reading and prizes too!

For the first time ever, the Douglas County Public Library offered an Adult Summer Reading Program in addition the youth program. Throughout the month of July, adults read books (or listened to audiobooks) and completed a brief “Book Report,” then turned in the report for entries into weekly raffles and a grand prize drawing. Hundreds of book reports were turned in to the library. We held weekly raffles for gift certificates to local businesses and restaurants. The grand prizes were Samsung tablets. The winners of the tablets were over the moon!

I would like to thank all of the library patrons who participated in this program. I would also like to thank The Pink House and J.T. Basque Restaurant for their generous donations of prizes. Lastly, thank you to Amy Dodson, the Library Director, for supporting me and the Lake Tahoe Branch Manager in initiating what I hope will become an annual program.

Sarah Bates

Adult Services Librarian Minden