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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Don’t touch McCarran’s legacy


Democrats in our State Legislature and Congress want to rename McCarran International airport after Harry Reid. They also hope to replace the late Senator McCarran’s statue in Congress with that of Reid’s. Not only is Senator Reid undeserving of these honors, many Nevadans are against it. (Take a poll.)

Both were senators for lengthy times, but Reid constantly used his power to block legislation presented by a Republican majority. Reid was an embarrassment to Nevada. (Google name search exhibits numerous Reid embarrassing articles and videos), He often rambled and lied on the senate floor, “Mitt Romney doesn’t pay taxes.” When shown proof of Romney’s tax payment, he replied “We won.” Additionally, Reid was despised and disrespected in other states as his erratic and obstructionist behavior made the national spotlight.

I know how politicians owe each other favors, and I hope that Governor Sandoval is not obligated to former Senator Reid. As a retired state prison worker of 24 years, I know many retirees, state workers, and non-Republicans who are against rewarding Harry Reid. I would also bet that many casino owners would not like to see Las Vegas airport re-named, or the late senator McCarran’s statue replaced. Please leave McCarran’s legacy and Nevada history alone.

Debra B. Cutshaw Gardnerville

Thran deserving of honor


When I came to Alpine County in 1959 as a newlywed and recent graduate from the University of California at Davis, my first job was teaching first and second grades at the Fredericksburg School here in Alpine County. In the room next to mine in this little two-room schoolhouse, June Thran taught third and fourth grades. She was one of the kindest and wisest people I have known. She mentored me through that first year using her many years of thoughtful experience in both teaching and understanding children. She helped me to survive the new challenges not only of 21 wonderful students spanning about four or five grade levels but also the new challenges of local politics both in and out of the school arena. I’m not sure whether I could have made it through that year without her help! And yes, I told her so.

It brought me pleasure to see that she was among the honored women of Douglas County.

Nancy Thornburg


America is a great country


The letter titled “Trump sullying America’s reputation” is way off the mark. President Trump’s “inane tweets” have provided great insight into the president’s thought process and have bypassed a prejudiced media that fails to report the truth. If the author’s concern is that America’s reputation is being ruined by Trump’s policies on immigration, many countries are starting to adjust to similar policies for national security reasons. It is a fact that the U.S. has a current immigration system that encourages people with skills that are needed here in the United States to immigrate to our country but these individuals are not the only ones allowed to enter the U.S. We also have a generous refugee program that responds to the urgent need of people subject to persecution in their homelands. There are many countries other than Syria that have persecuted individuals that need our help. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees less than 1 percent of all refugees are resettled in third countries. The 1 percent are the high-risk individuals and the U.S. receives almost two-thirds of these refugees. The other refugees stay in the country in which they flee or return to their home country. We are a wealthy and generous nation and it is not just the government that provides support for people in need. Contributions pour into charities that provide food, shelter, education and clothing to millions throughout the world. I hope that the author can stop his tears and support some of these organizations that do amazing work for the underprivileged and be thankful that he lives in the United States of America.

Mary Lou Gervie