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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter egg hunters wait for the starting pistol at the Carson Valley Swim Center on Sunday.
Carson Valley Swim Center

Backing Duffy for sheriff


I am writing this letter of support for Joe Duffy and Jim Halsey for sheriff and undersheriff. I have known Joe and Jim for several years. My two older children were members of the DCSO Explorer Post. Both Joe and Jim were actively involved with the kids in the post. They helped train, support and encourage the kids. They spent countless hours of their own time getting the kids ready for competition. They were awesome. I am a single mom and one year when things were especially rough I had to accept help, which is not an easy thing for me to do, Joe brought my kids bikes and hid them behind my garage so they would have a surprise for Christmas. He did this with a smile on his face and kindness in his heart. When my son Robert graduated from Marine Corps boot camp, Jim Halsey and Teresa Duffy drove to San Diego to attend his graduation and to surprise my son. Once again they did this on their own time.

I believe Joe Duffy and Jim Hasley are hands down the best candidates for the job. They are both extremely active in the community, from the kids, the elderly, and many events such as safety street, entertaining the kids, showing them the canines and making them feel that the cops are the good guys. Triad dinners with the seniors, and the list goes on. Both have long-standing ties with the community. I know as a parent with one child still in school, his safety and the safety of all of our children, from Tahoe, the Valley and the Topaz area is of the utmost importance. Joe and Jim and the rest of our Sheriff’s Office will do their best to keep our kids safe. Douglas County has a zero tolerance for any kind of gang activity. Joe is an expert in gangs, and has extensive training in that area. Joe has literally worked every aspect of the sheriff’s Dept. He is still involved with the K9 unit, the Swat Team, and has a lot of FBI training.

Unfortunately in these times, the days of the good ol’ boys are gone. We need a sheriff who understands that we need mental health addressed, and a team that is on top of their game and able to deal with the changes that are happening to our beautiful valley. Joe Duffy and Jim Halsey are going to keep our county safe. They are the team to vote for. Joe and Jim, my family will always have your six.

Stacie Rathborne and kids


Go Banana Slugs


I would like to personally thank the Douglas County Community Center, Recreation Department and all the coaches for another wonderful Recreation League Basketball Season. My son’s team, the Banana Slugs, won the Division 3 Championships this year in a super exciting and stressful game! We were all so excited for our boys, who worked so hard to get to the end. But, the real champions are the people who run this league. This was my son’s 3rd year playing basketball for the Recreation Department, and I am simply amazed with how smoothly everything is run, from organizing practices, to the multiple games per night, and all the way down to the smiling faces that greet everyone that walks into the gym. I can only imagine how difficult it is to schedule every practice, and every game for five different divisions, with about 12 teams per division. It was always a madhouse when you walked in, yet it was completely organized chaos. Thank you for having these activities available for our kids, whether it is basketball, football, volleyball or any of the other many sports you organize…it is truly appreciated. Thank you.

Kim Smallwood