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Letters to the editor for Thursday, Oct. 3

Embrace the colorful season


As the autumnal equinox is upon us, I write to welcome the fall season. Our days start to grow shorter and our nights longer, and Douglas County remains a blessing. Remember our community is great place to live and are surrounded by beautiful nature all around us. During difficult times in local politics, take a breather and embrace this colorful fall season upon us.


Julie Andress


Keith Roman Field a great place to be


Douglas High School opened the new football season with two quick wins. Word spread around the towns’ social spots, the Corner Bar, Minden Deli, Pulse, and Jethros, that Douglas High had a good team. With 6-foot, 2-inch sophomore Quarterback Isaac Shaver throwing for more than 400 yards, tough running back Trevor Kruger running for more of the same, my interest was piqued. Throw in another one of the Coman brothers running the jet sweep and I was on my way to the ticket booth.

I arrived at the Keith Roman Field on Friday night. Athletes were unable to use the field during the summer as work crews installed a new Field Turf synthetic grass field. Rumors had the cost at $600,000. My reaction is that it was money well spent. As the players warmed up the Douglas High Marching Band appeared on the field. They immediately delivered a rousing melodic tone that had everyone up on their feet. Band instructor Tammy Owen has done an excellent job. You know it’s good when band members are on key, and having a great time.

In a gesture well received, the school honored former head football coach Bill Coverley prior to the start of the game. Considered by many to be Douglas’s best-ever football coach, Coverley took over the football program in 1971. He had highly successful teams from 1972 to 1978 against a tough Northern Nevada 2A Conference. He won the State Championship in 1974. He once said, “We may not do things that work anywhere else, but they work here.” A lot of Douglas folks have taken that statement to heart. One of his best players was his son Dan, now the Douglas County sheriff. The announcer asked people who knew coach Coverley and were affected by his tenure to stand. It appeared that half the stadium stood up and applauded.

On Friday night, Keith Roman Field was a great place to be. Families and fans tightly packed, the band rocking, and our young athletes performing at their best. As the Douglas team executed some explosive plays, everyone was on their feet cheering for the home team. The school honored one of Douglas County’s greats. Families and fans of the players stood and cheered each time they made a good play, and the music played on through the evening. An exciting time to be in Douglas County.

All in all, another Great Day in Douglas County.

Joe Hooven


We can all make a difference


You cannot beat living in the Carson Valley! I moved here 14 years ago and wish I had made the move from the Midwest (cold Minnesota) years earlier. Did I not only find a better temperature, but also found a robust community of giving and friendship through volunteerism and philanthropy. Living in a small town, you can immediately see the need, and feel the impact of your contributions; whether it be time spent supporting a cause or making a financial donation.

I am impressed every day by the talents and experiences that people lend to create value for our community. Recently, a local artist donated her time to design a statue to commemorate the thousands of volunteers who supported the Genoa Candy Dance for its first 100 years. This was a three-year undertaking that culminated with the dedication of a 7-foot bronze statue of Lillian Virgin, the first Candy Dance organizer.

I encourage everyone to draw on their strengths and resources to discover and support that cause which will improve the lives of others. You will not have to look far. There are numerous opportunities in our Valley to help students, seniors, veterans, and others that need your talents. We can all make a difference, and you will be rewarded 10-fold. And as a bonus, you may meet the best friends of your life.

Linda Birdwell


Leadership Douglas County Class of 2019

Community supports DHS

music department


The Douglas High School Music Department, which includes all choirs and bands, would like to extend our gratitude to all community members for their support in helping raise funds by purchasing raffle tickets from the students and at the football game on Aug. 30.

A special thank you goes to AVK Company who has sponsored the DHS Marching Band.

The Douglas Dynamics would like to thank all those throughout the community who helped make their trip of a lifetime to Carnegie Hall come to fruition; all needed funds for the trip have been made.

A special thanks to the following sponsors who helped make the trip a reality: 20-30 Club, Carson Valley United Methodist Church, Heavenly Village Condos, Town of Minden, Carson Valley Literacy Club.

Monique Vaughn


Trump violated Constitution


It’s time to dump Trump.

He violated the Constitution. Destroyed treaty with Iran on nuclear weapons, pulled us out of climate accords, kissed up to Russia (they must have something on him), he has a friend in North Korea who is still developing long-range weapons, Saudis kill reporter and we sell them more weapons. Now he has had Ukraine to get dirt on Biden and his son which is over the top. He is a traitor! He has destroyed relationships with all Europe. Today he says Europe is not paying their fair share to protect Ukraine. This is an out and out LIE! They have paid $25 billion to defend Ukraine. Trump says we should not have to pay more? We are the largest economy in the world! That’s why we pay MORE. Trump does not read, does not know history or anything about our Constitution. Time to take the trash out.

Jerry D. Sullivan


Appalled at

Amodei comment


I am appalled that you have expressed “concern” over the president’s call with the president of the Ukraine. Moreover, your comment that you are a “fan of oversight” is trite and you apparently have little capacity to differentiate prudent congressional oversight from blatant political subterfuge to impede the president. I put your comment in the same category as that opined by the hapless Sen. Dean Heller who could not differentiate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and urged us to vote “neither candidate.” It would be more helpful if you could express “concern” over Biden’s felonious behavior.

The argument can be made that the impeachment being pushed by the Democrats is accelerating their demise. Whether that is the case, we would be well served to let them bury themselves. We could rightfully hope that you would be a force in uniting people behind the president to stand for the Constitution and its amendments. Your inane comments articulating being a “fan of oversight” do us no good in stemming the tide of the anarchists.

The Nevada GOP has been in disarray for more than a decade, unable to cope effectively with the Harry Reid machine. The infecund leadership has improved very little since the debacle in the last election. I had hoped you would be in the vanguard of setting the NVGOP right but clearly that hope was ill-founded. Over the past eight years since I moved back to Nevada I have been one of your avid supporters, placing campaign signs in my yard and speaking highly of you.

In the wake of your expression of “concern” I have come to have my own concerns as to the extent to which you are the best candidate to represent me and many other citizens in Douglas County who stand solidly behind the president.

Eldon DeVere Henderson

East Valley