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Letters to the editor for Thursday, Aug. 23

Invest in renewable energy


For decades, the idea that economically feasible renewable energy could be a part of our everyday personal and professional lives has been seen as a concept to be pursued. While early generations of solar, wind and geothermal technology were expensive and less than ideally efficient, new advancements in that technology are changing that assumption.

Prices have come down drastically for renewable energy systems making it more affordable for homeowners and small businesses to invest in it. Vehicle fuel efficiency has improved, electric and hybrid vehicles are more affordable and available, and battery storage is coming on fast. There is so much more information out there now on how to operate your home and manage your landscaping more efficiently and many are beginning to practice these habits. Landlords and plant managers are discovering the savings that can result from investing in efficiencies. Some of our largest, most successful businesses, like Walmart and Costco, figured it out a long time ago and have reaped the benefits, as well as many of our churches, schools and county government buildings. It’s encouraging to see the growth of small farms and Farmers’ Markets in Northern Nevada, though we are still a long way from being self-sufficient in our food production.

Clean energy is driving workforce development and economic growth throughout Nevada, but it needs to continue and grow here in the Carson Valley as a part of our economy and to attain energy independence. Power generation from renewable sources is inevitable and Douglas County needs to welcome and embrace it. We need to make Carson Valley an attractive place for existing and new technologies and businesses to bring well-paid, highly-skilled jobs here, and we look to our policymakers at the county, state and national levels to give us the tools to make sure it happens here.

We need to protect and encourage rooftop solar and complete the development of battery storage systems and make them as available and affordable as possible. We need to support our local agriculture and businesses, especially those who are making the effort to reduce their environmental footprint. We need to protect our air and water resources. We must educate our policymakers on the importance of renewable energy to drive our economy forward and provide the energy security we need. With the upcoming elections and legislative session these are things to keep in mind so we can truly become sustainable in the way we work, play, and live.

GreenACTnv continues to encourage the private and public sectors toward sustainability through public policy and personal choices. Check out http://www.greenactnv.org for more information on what we are doing and what you can do. The Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce believes that renewable energy is a key element of the future success of our businesses and the community at large. You can view Chamber information at http://www.carsonvalleynv.org.

Bill Chernock

Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce

Katherine Winans


Great staff writer will be missed


The R-C has lost a gifted professional with the termination of sports editor Dave Price. I will sorely miss Dave’s stories; whether writing of the Gold Dust Twins of Virginia City basketball fame, legendary Douglas football coach Mike Rippee, or Chicago White Black Sox Shoeless Joe Jackson. Dave’s ability to research and write with clarity, compassion, and thoroughness was right on. I’m honored to know Dave as a good friend. I already miss Dave’s phone calls when he had a question concerning the San Francisco Giants, Dallas Cowboys, or the Carson Valley Outlaws. Dave’s last article in the R-C was the beautiful and moving tribute to my late wife Debbie. For that I am truly blessed. Best of everything in the future Dave, you’ve earned it my friend!

Bruce Jacobsen