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Letters to the editor for Thrusday, Oct. 24, 2019

A rainbow stretches over Genoa in this photo submitted on Oct. 17.
Becky Rasell/Special to The R-C

Who are the Concerned Citizens of Douglas County?


In the Oct. 10 issue of The Record-Courier an article appeared regarding Mark Gardner’s announcement for candidacy for Douglas County commissioner.

Having no prior knowledge of Gardner, I found it interesting that in the next issue of The Record-Courier, Oct. 12, a full-page ad, paid for by Concerned Citizens of Douglas County, appeared questioning his qualifications for commissioner.

I was surprised at the quickness of the ad as it stated, “Would you vote for anyone that supports only a 10-person special interest group?” I questioned why would the CCoDC be fearful of a 10-person voting group?

My surprise was short lived when I read the statement, “Can Douglas County afford another Virginia Starrett and Lynn Muzzy puppet alongside Dave Nelson and John Engels?” These are individuals that are supporters of the county master plan. It should also be noted Nelson and Engels were elected to the county commission by a majority of the voters due, in part, to their support of the county master plan.

A check of The Record-Courier and Google revealed no information on Concerned Citizens of Douglas County … its origin, purpose or supporters.

Sanford Deyo


Not in favor of slaughterhouse


As expressed in a previous letter to the planning commission we are writing to again express our opposition to the proposed slaughterhouse and meat processing facility at 876 Centerville Lane.

While we feel Douglas County does need a local meat processing facility, we feel strongly that the intersection of Centerville Lane and Highway 88, one of the major entrance and exit ways of our little valley, is an inappropriate location.

The area from Foothill to 88 and just east is a very delicate mix of residential and ranches; one of the reasons we chose to live here.

Yes, the proposed site was once home to a dairy farm, but it’s been years gone. Since then the area has seen developmental changes. It would not be in good faith or the best interest of the residents to bring a facility such as a slaughterhouse into this particular area; crossing the line now from agricultural into industrial zoning creating potentially catastrophic decreases in surrounding property values.

Also of major concern are the environmental impacts that would likely effect this particularly volatile site. We urge you to have someone from the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection advise on this, for any future uses.

Furthermore, the applicant has given no guarantees in writing that the facility will actually be available for use by our local ranchers. If we are to open our door to an out of state business and it will not benefit our community or create jobs, then why even consider a permit for operation? But still, this is not the appropriate location.

We live on nearby ag land in district 2. We have goats, horses and cattle. We understand that when the cattle leave they are not going on vacation.

It would be great to see our ranchers not need to truck cattle out of the area to be processed. And if there was a local meat processing facility that also had a retail counter supporting our ranchers that would be fantastic. Perhaps if the applicant really does want to join and support our community, grant money could be given (if needed) to build such a facility, but in a more appropriate rural or industrial area of Douglas County.

With respect, we ask you to vote to leave the special use permit denied as it stands.

Rodger Hostetler and Sandra Settle


VFD Spaghetti Dinner a success


Fish Springs/Gardnerville VFD held its annual Spaghetti Dinner /Dance on Sept. 7. It was a huge success. At one point, every chair was taken to eat dinner and the dance floor was full. We can’t thank our neighbors enough for their continued support of our departments. Our generous local merchants provided raffle and silent auction prizes that contributed greatly to its success.

Elaine A. B. Pace

Volunteer Chief, Fish Springs & Gardnerville VFD

Mayor Pete deserves consideration


Looking back at the Democratic Party presidential debate Tuesday night, I want to express a few thoughts on Pete Buttigieg — pronounced Boot-eh-judge — or “Mayor Pete.”

Previously Mayor Pete has come across as exceedingly intelligent and a candidate who displays empathy for the little guy. He is pragmatic, but ambitious in what he proposes to do as president. Given the current political scene, I believe our president needs to show proper respect for both sides of an issue.

What struck me on Tuesday, though, were his leadership qualities. Mayor Pete is prepared to answer any question and to support his answer. That came through when he spoke about healthcare and his plan for universal coverage that preserves choice, as opposed to Medicare-for-all, which does not.

He is 37 and has served two terms as mayor of South Bend. Too young and inexperienced? He served as a U.S. Naval Reserve officer and in 2014 deployed to Afghanistan. In my mind, that is a qualifier. He has twice been elected mayor and has elevated the fortunes of his native city in the process. And I like Buttigieg’s proposed national service program for young adults. “National service can help us to form connections between very different kinds of Americans, as was my experience in the military,” he said in a statement this summer.

While we still have about four months to go before the Nevada caucus on Feb. 22, 2020, I believe Pete Buttigieg deserves our consideration as candidate for president of the United States.

Dave Price