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Letters to the Editor for Sept. 27

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Jones best candidate for justice of peace


Regarding the campaign for East Fork Justice of the Peace, Cassandra Jones’ opponent is claiming that she lacks the experience needed for the position. In fact, Cassandra has over 15 years in criminal and civil litigation, and was appointed judge pro tem a few years ago. She fills in whenever the Tahoe township justice has asked her, performing all the duties required to make rulings from the bench.

Cassandra’s opponent has been a criminal prosecutor for several years, which means he’s got a lot of experience in only one narrow area of the law. That’s not a qualification for a position that requires a wide variety of legal and administrative capability.

A significant amount of Cassandra’s law firm caseload includes helping victims of crime and abuse. What happens in the courtroom is only a snapshot of the destructive turmoil that disrupts a crime victim’s life and the lives of their family. Anyone who cares about the proper administration of justice should want a justice of the peace that fully understands the aftermath before and after trial when ruling on a case’s criminal and civil effects. Anyone who wants a safe county should want a JP that will administer effective sentences that will stop criminals and other abusers from further offending.

The JP position also has technical aspects that need to be addressed, like the fact that it is the heaviest rural caseload in the state, with a large staff, and a significant budget. Cassandra is the only candidate with experience in this area, as she has run her own small business, served on the board of several large organizations, and serves on the Town Board of Gardnerville.

Cassandra is by far the candidate most qualified to take on this critical multi-faceted challenge. Electing a JP that would have to spend considerable time in on-the-job training would deny those citizens in the East Fork Justice Court’s jurisdiction the timely access to justice they deserve.

Lynn Muzzy


Jones an independent candidate


Candidate for East Fork Justice of the Peace, Deputy District Attorney Erik Levin, has accepted, and is touting, endorsements by the Sheriff and Sheriff-Elect. This may not be surprising given the connection between the District Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office. However, these endorsements and their publicized acceptance call into question the candidate’s independence and impartiality. Such endorsements impair confidence in the fairness of our judicial system.

It is vital that a judge is known to be fair to all parties. Our East Fork Justice of the Peace should not be seen as someone in the pocket of the sheriff. Cassandra Jones is not backed by the establishment.

In Cassandra Jones we would be electing a judge with the highest ethical standards. She has been appointed to Nevada’s Judicial Ethics Commission twice. Cassandra brings a breadth of legal experience to the bench, as well as having served as an arbitrator and judge pro tem. She also has volunteered her time serving this community for over 15 years, and advocated on a pro bono basis for children and elderly adults.

Tiregate, and the lack of transparency surrounding the embezzlement of millions of dollars, has eroded the confidence of Douglas County citizens in the forthright carrying out of justice. The election of Cassandra Jones as East Fork Justice of the Peace will be a step toward rebuilding that trust.

Michael Porter


Jones best candidate for justice


As a former law enforcement professional, I’m recommending that Douglas County voters elect Cassandra Jones as our Justice of the Peace in November. Jones’ law practice deals in many branches of the law, including elder law and protecting victims of abuse, often helping poor clients for free.

Her experience has motivated her as a judge pro tem to make certain that criminal defendants, found guilty, complete their sentences. Whether they get a diversion program or jail time, the victims get access to justice and a fair hearing before the bench. As an appointed judge pro tem, Cassandra is the one candidate for JP who has mastered the administrative and organizational challenges of this busiest of jurisdictions and ruled on both civil and criminal cases in court

Cassandra’s opponent, Douglas County DA prosecutor Erik Levin’s overall performance has been spotty at best, but two recent cases concern me. Levin prosecuted a father, accused of killing his daughter in June 2016, only to have the jury find him not guilty. In January of this year, a judge cited video evidence in exonerating a nurse Levin had charged; the judge found that there was no evidence a crime even occurred. He either charged these defendants improperly or he undertook two cases (one to a very costly trial which the taxpayers paid entirely for the defense) without proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. His record reflects a lack of discernment.

As a retired cop, I’m very uncomfortable that some senior law enforcement officers have endorsed Levin in this election. If a justice of the peace is even suspected of tipping the scales as payback for getting elected, our citizens’ one and only venue for fair and equal treatment will be forever tainted.

Cassandra Jones has dealt with both civil and criminal legal matters, both as the owner of a busy legal practice and from the bench as a judge pro tem and arbitrator. There will be no learning curve; she has done the job. Douglas County citizens would be well served to elect Cassandra Jones as East Fork Justice of the Peace.

Marshall Goldy


Don’t bother calling


Notice: I do not buy anything (product or service) from anyone who calls me on the phone. There are enough lawbreakers in the industry to affect those who may have legitimate items for sale so I just assume all calls are fraudulent.

At the start of this current phenomenon, we learned to not answer any calls from numbers we didn’t recognize and those from outside our area code. Someone got smart and acquired numbers with our area code. My daughter received a marketing call from her own phone number.

I wish these ingenious people would start using their minds to better mankind instead of just annoying everyone. Wonder if Eli Whitney, Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, if alive today, would be working as telemarketers? Sure would be a waste.

I don’t know anyone who likes getting these calls. Have received one at 9:30 p.m. and another at 11:30 p.m. Both times when I answered, a woman said “Goodbye.” Won’t mention here what I said, but hope it was recorded.

M.A. Richardson


One of them’s lying


Just a thought, please: the protagonists in the current Supreme Court drama are scheduled to testify under oath to before the Senate Judicial Committee later this week. If both hold to their stories, it would seem to indicate that one of them is not being truthful; and, since lying under oath is considered a crime in the United States punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment, wouldn’t the senate be remiss if it didn’t demand a thorough investigation to determine the real truth, and remove any shadow of suspicion from the innocent party?

John O’Neill