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Letters to the Editor for Sept. 16

Thanks for supporting Summerfest


The Douglas Center for Hope and Healing held its first Summerfest fundraiser at Minden Park on Aug. 20. We would like to thank the Active 20/30 Club for their joint participation with this event. In addition, we are deeply appreciative to the following sponsors and donors that made this event such a success: Hutt Aviation, D&B Cabinets, West Ridge Homes, Ferguson Leavitt, Three Castles Engineering, Legacy Specialties, Judy and Gary Williams, Marty’s Appliance, Dr. James Seyfried, Stor All, Valley Eye Care, Park Ranch, Sierra View Dental, Neddenriep & Assoc., Kelly Chase, John Fisher, Crockett Enterprise, RO Anderson Engineering, Pisciotta Builders, Richard Peters, Curtis and Sons, Johnny Omohundro, Parigini Orthodontics, Warren Reed, Dennis and Patricia Ramsey, Ginger’s Unique Boutique, East Fork Fire Association, Golden Nugget Automotive, Mickey and Lynsie Garcia, Wass Family, K&L Farms, April and Paul Wilson, Café Girasol, Allison Ramsey-Kruse, Mary and Gary Thomson, Ann Crockett, Trudy’s Salon, Carrie Nolting, Sierra Adrenaline Training, Corie Ball, JT Basque Restaurant, Beall’s, Brooke Roberts, Ron Chandler, Pattie Snyder, Mary Lahlum, Jordan Smith, Ava Ramsey-Kruse, Coleen Lawrence, Amanda Johnson, Trippin’ King Snakes, Dougie L and Friends and Jakota Wass.

The Douglas Center for Hope and Healing is a 501c3 non-profit grief center. We provide grief materials, home visits, summer camp, and support groups to children, teens and families in our community and surrounding area. We rely on fundraising, grants, and individual donations to provide these services free of charge. We are thankful to live in a community that continues to generously support our efforts.

Amanda Johnson


Thanks for great home tour


Kudos to the Carson Valley Historical Society volunteers for the marvelous Historic Home Tour this past weekend, and to the homeowners who so kindly shared their historic homes and stories with the public.

What a treat to step inside Judge Virgin’s Pink House, D.R.Jones’ stone cellar, Haines’ magnificent living room, Dr. Cook’s home, and more.

It was a special way to see local history “from the inside”! It didn’t happen without untold hours behind the scenes by the many volunteers. Thanks to every one of them.

Karen Dustman


Carson Valley a great place to grow up


I am a fourth generation native of Carson Valley. My great grandfather settled here in the 1870s followed by his father, and my father. I grew up in Carson Valley on a dairy farm. Farming was the key livelihood for many and Minden and Gardnerville were small towns that made you feel welcome. Credit was common since almost everyone knew everyone else and not getting paid wasn’t even a passing thought. Our fire departments and ambulance were volunteers and we all counted on each other to keep our town and each other safe. The sheriff’s office was also small and in high school if you got caught with a beer you were told to pour it out onto the grass and then told to go home and if you didn’t the officer would call your parents.

Carson Valley is still a wonderful place to grow up and raise a family. Yes, spurts of growth have occurred on multiple occasions over the years and the pressure to grow never stays far away. Why would it, right? Carson Valley has lots of water beneath those green fields and lots of lush land for development. In spite of the pressure, our community has remained beautiful. I am currently a participant of Leadership Douglas County and it’s been a wonderful experience to see all that goes into keeping our valley the “Garden Spot of Nevada”. I believe with few exceptions that our leaders want the next generation to experience what they have experienced. We are now facing another spurt of development pressure and an attitude of build it and they will come. What’s the hurry keeps being asked and the answer should be: there is no hurry. Haste makes waste and I sure hope we don’t waste the precious resources this valley continues to share with us.

Mike Henningsen


Muslim countries more oppressive


Mr. Kaepernick, during your prior time at UNR and the 49ers, I don’t recall any mention of your political or religion beliefs.

Now with your relationship with Nessa Diab, a Muslim, you are speaking out for “people that are being oppressed.” Colin, please tell us of a country where people, especially women and infidels, are more oppressed than those in Muslim controlled countries.

Sanford Deyo